Slay Your Summer Selfies With These Insta Filters And Beauty Tricks

10th Jun 2016 / By Guest Contributor

We all envy the post-vacation glow: the sun-kissed skin, rosy highlights, and easy spirit. Even if you are not jet setting home from Costa Rica this week, you can achieve the look of leisure. Our JustFab staffers share the Instagram filters and beauty tricks that help them slay their summer selfies.

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PR Manager, Hollace, swears by the Slumber filter paired with strategic highlighting. For the perfect summer glow, she swiped luminous highlighter on her forehead and key areas where light bounces off her face. See the cheat sheet here.

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The Slumber filter gives her skin a radiant yellow undertone to balance the redness of her complexion. ” Once you’ve applied the highlighter, it’s important to use a brush or blending sponge to make it look natural,” she shared.

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Buyer, Damara, would never leave the house without the Lo-Fi Instagram filter and a good bronzer. “Contouring around the sides of the face, slims and defines your bone structure, while drawing light to the center of the face,” she shared. Check out her cheat sheet for the details.


Our last combo is the most unexpected. Lipstick can actually give the illusion of a summer glow. Director of PR, Kira, shared, “A fuschia color palette instantly makes my skin look more tan. It’s amazing!”

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The lipstick instantly makes her skin have that Cali glow. Step 2: Add the Claredon filter to create a flawless complexion, minimize fine lines, and add an extra glow to the skin.


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Slumber, Lo-Fi, or Claredon, we hope you found the right filter for your style. Happy gramming, ladies!

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