The Mothers of JustFab Share How They Balance It All

6th May 2016 / By Guest Contributor

Life is a balancing act, but no one knows that better than us moms. Juggling multiple schedules, multiple meals, and multiple expectations, our work is never done. We need support! At the JustFab Inc. headquarters, we created the Career Moms Group to do just that. Our collective of working moms comes together every month to listen to stories and share advice.

The CMG is also a support system for moms-to-be and moms transitioning back to work from maternity leave. They help new moms navigate everything from the pumping room (affectionately called the Mothers Room) to adjusting to their new lifestyle.

Balance seems like the holy grail of motherhood. How do you give your family everything, but keep something for yourself? How do you achieve career success and also feel like a superstar mom? There are no straight answers, but the Career Moms Group has advice on how to make it a little easier.

Tip #1: Let go of the guilt. 

“I accept that I love what I do, my kids get the amazing opportunity to build bonds and learn new things from different people…I also turn off on the weekends. I am all about my family and will not work.” – Sarah Pearson, Director of Talent Acquisition & Development

“I try to be in the moment when I’m with my two babies. Every stage goes by so quickly, being present helps me not dwell on the moments that I missed and enjoy the ones I have.” – Natasha Khan Kazi, Director of Social Media

Tip #2: Run the morning routine, don’t let it run you. 

“Prepping everything the night before makes things easier. Also, getting up slightly earlier than everyone gives me a moment to myself before the morning rush begins.” – Bilan Jenkins, Social Media Sentiment Analyst

“I get my kid dressed first then putting on a sing-a-long video and we sing while I put my makeup on.” – Kira Cohen, Director of Public Relations

Tip #3: Pick your battles at mealtime. 

The rule of thumb for mealtime is to plan your meals in advance, shop on the weekend, and make your meals for the week. Do you have picky eaters that won’t cooperate?

“Unfortunately, TV and iPad distraction. I sneak in way more green veggies when they are not paying attention to their food. I want to keep TV during meals an exception, so I pick my battles.” -Petra Fukuda, SVP of Merchandise

Tip #4: You’ll never regret making “you time”. 

“My husband and I are trying a new thing where once a month we each take a “me” day – without the other. go see friends, do what we need to do. and then we also try to have a date night/day once a month as well. I know it’s a luxury that both of our parents are close by so that definitely helps.” – Kimberly Tobman, VP of Marketing

“My me time usually happens during my lunch breaks at work when I can take them. I try and get a mani-pedi or small pamper treatment during that time.” – Claudia Vine, Sr. Manager of Community

To all the fabulous moms in our JustFab Community, Happy Mother’s Day! You deserve it. Make sure to share your advice on how to make balancing life easier in the comments below.

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