6 Tips On How To Wear Bold Colors

17th May 2016 / By Guest Contributor

‘Tis the season for bright colors and bold prints! Nervous about adding some color to your wardrobe? We are all guilty of sometimes sticking to staple garments in darker hues that are safe and slimming…I know I am. Here are six tips to help you break out of your normal color palletes and brighten up your wardrobe this season:

How to Wear Bold Colors

  1. Pick a color that complements your skin tones:
    • Fair skin tones – darker/deeper colors will look awesome on you. Rich jewel tones will look amazing on you. Try and avoid light pastels as it may wash out your radiant complexion.
    • Medium skin tones – both light and dark tones look great on you but you should try and avoid any colors that are similar to your glowing skin tone such as yellows, light browns or olive green.
    • Deep skin tone – most colors look great on you but you should still choose wisely. Jewel tones or bright colors will look divine on you. Avoid most brown garments as they will not complement your beautiful skin color.
  2. Have a favorite color? If it passes the color test above, go with that! If not, choose a variation that will go well with your skin tone.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone! You won’t know what looks good on you unless you try it. Trust me, you’ll most likely get a ton of compliments for trying something new and fun.
  4. Don’t over use color options. Coordinate a bold garment with a muted or nude colored shoe or accessory.
  5. What’s your favorite part of you body? Accentuate it by wearing a bold print in that region. It will draw people’s eyes to that area when interacting with them and really show off your assets well.
  6. Fit is key! Try and pick a garment in a bold print that fits you well. Oversized or overly tight fitting styles will not flatter your figure and will definitely look even worse in a bold print or color.

We followed one of our member’s wearing an example of a perfectly styled bright and bold ensemble while she strolled the vibrant streets of beautiful New Orleans. We love how she styled this look which is perfect for the season!

How To Wear Bold Colors

How will you be wearing bold colors this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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