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1st Apr 2016 / By Guest Contributor

We’re excited to announce JustFab Now — an innovative delivery system from JustFab designed to get packages to customers in 5 minutes or less using our patent pending JustDrone. JustFab Now is going to enhance  the services we already provide to millions of customers by providing warp speed parcel delivery combined with artificial intelligence. You thought drone deliveries were a thing of the future, but today only, our best customers will get access to our alpha launch.

We partnered with J. Kay Industries to build a truly one of a kind intelligent drone. JustDrone is not your average drone. We’ve combined artificial intelligence with the ability to bend space and time. It looks like science fiction, but it’s real. After hours of watching Back to the Future and Interstellar, we were able to capture the formula for warp speed travel.

Key Features:

Almost Instant Delivery
Once you place your order, a JustDrone will appear at your location in 5 minutes or less. She will send you a text when she’s in the area and hover over your location until you are ready for your package. You can either choose to have it delivered to your location or directly into your hands.


Facial Recognition
Text JustDrone a picture of people she should avoid: husband, boyfriend, partner, nosy parent, or sticky-fingered neighbor. JustDrone will scan the perimeter and go into hiding mode until the unwanted individual(s) had left the area, then text you when the coast is clear.

Be one of the first customers to try our innovative delivery service! Click here to sign up.



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