How to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos Like a Pro

22nd Mar 2016 / By Guest Contributor

Ever wonder how some of your favorite fashion bloggers capture really amazing photos? Look no further. We’re here to teach you some of the best tips and tricks for mastering the perfect picture.

Here are some of our best secrets for shooting and editing Instagram-worthy photos.

The Shoefie 

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We adore the “from where I sit” shoefie! It’s fun, easy and you can add cute props like a vase of flowers or your matching bag for a little oomph. Take a seat with both knees on opposite sides. Keep one leg slightly bent and the other leg extended for a straighter angle. The goal is to show the inner portion of your shoes, so make sure those heels are in full focus. Capture the photo from above and snap.

Choose the Right Outfit

It’s true what they say; if you feel good about what you’re wearing, your confidence will shine through in the photos! Choose an outfit you love, whether it’s because of the fit, style or simply because you feel good wearing it.

Assistance, Please!

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Unless you have super human powers, it’s hard to take full-body photos on your own. Ask your BFF, roommate, family member or significant other to snap some photos for you. Try to capture a few different angles so you have options to choose from.

Location is Key

An easy way to elevate your photos is to choose the right location. Ask yourself, “Is the backdrop too busy? Will it take away from the subject of the photo?” If the answers are yes, try to choose a location with a more simple background.

Au Naturel Lighting. The best lighting is usually under natural light. If you’re shooting under a blazing sun, try standing against a wall so you’re placed under a shade, but with the sun in front of you. We find that the best natural lighting comes out during sunrise or sunset!

Pose, Pose, Pose

As the model, you should always be moving and changing your pose so you have different options to choose from. After every snap of a photo, move your head or body slightly so that it captures a different angle and movement.

Laugh It Off  

Think of a funny joke or hilarious moment so it’ll make you laugh and capture a natural smile. There’s nothing more beautiful to see than a girl who is having fun!

Edit Like a Pro

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After you’ve chosen “the one” aka that perfect photo, choose an editing app to make it even more, well, perfect! Our favorite editing apps are VSCO Cam, Snapseed and the “OG” of them all, Instagram!

Hash It Out

If your goal is to get more followers on Instagram, be sure add those hashtags! Sprinkle in some trending hashtags to expose your photo to new followers who might be looking for more inspiration from people like you!

*Our top hashtags include: #ootd #love #fashion #instalove #picoftheday #makeup #beauty #shoelover #girls #happy #goals #model #motivation #instagood #chic #style #party #sweet #smile #pretty #beautiful #photooftheday #bestoftheday #shoes #onpoint #lol

It’s as easy as that to capture amazing photos! Show us your fabulous pictures wearing JustFab and #JustFabStyle.

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