4 Ways to Up Your Gift Wrap Game

10th Dec 2015 / By Guest Contributor

You just spent your entire weekend in the mall searching for the perfect presents. What’s next? Wrapping them of course! We’re showing you some of our favorite festive gift wrap options that your friends and family will love as much as the gift inside.


White gift box
Holiday adornments
Gift tag
Clear tape
Push pin

Instructions: Place your gift inside of the gift box. Secure the box with a small piece of tape on each end. Tie twine around the box vertically and horizontally. Position your flower in the center of the box and then push the pin straight through the center. Stick adornments through twine and attach gift tag with twine.



Gift box
Red wrapping paper
Black cardstock or construction paper
White cardstock or construction paper
Glue stick or clear tape

Instructions: Prepare the material to be used as buttons and the belt using the black paper. Cut out the shape of a belt buckle using the white paper. Wrap the gift box in red wrapping paper. Wrap the belt around your red box and secure both ends with glue or tape. Secure the buttons and belt button on top of the box.

Brown gift box
Red and white twine
Small Christmas ornaments
Live greenery

Instructions: Wrap the red and white twine around the box horizontally twice (secure it by tying a knot at the back of the box). Gather the greenery into a small bouquet and then tie the ornaments around it. Stick the greenery through the horizontally tied twine (feel free to secure by tying another piece of twine to it).



Gift box
Gold wrapping paper
Black washi tape
Silver glitter letter decals

Instructions: Wrap the box in gold wrapping paper. Create a design with the washi tape and stick to box. Position and stick letters to box.

Are you excited to wrap your holiday gifts now? We surely are! xx

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