Smokey Eye Tutorial

4th Oct 2015 / By Guest Contributor

Smokey eyes are totally in this season! Learn how to spice up your look with these seductive eyes. In a few easy steps you can master this smokey eye tutorial.

Supplies Needed:
Shadow Brush
Crease Brush
Blending Brush
Eye Primer
Matte Tan Shadow
Matte Brown Shadow
Black Shadow
Black Pencil Eyeliner
Black Liquid Eyeliner
Black Mascara

Bonus: I recommend matte shadows for this look. If you do not have matte tan or brown shadows, face powders work great as substitutions.


Step 1: Apply liquid liner to the lash line.
Step 2: Apply primer all over the lid and blend with your finger.
Step 3: Set primer using the tan shadow with the shadow brush.
Step 4: Apply brown shadow with crease brush all over the crease. Take the blending shadow and blend all edges. Blending is very important in this look because we want to achieve a smooth transition from the lash line to the brow bone.
Step 5: Apply a pencil liner over the liquid liner and smudge it across lid with shadow brush.
Step 6: Apply black shadow at the center of the lid and blend towards the crease and edges. Blend the crease doing clockwise circles.
Step 7: Apply pencil liner to bottom lash line and smudge with shadow brush.
Step 9: Reapply liquid liner on the top lash line.
Step 10: Apply mascara.

Voila! You have now created a fantastic smokey eye. Where do you see yourself rocking this look?

Mayra R., Social Media Intern

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