A Chat With Edmond Newton, Project Runway Season 14 Designer

6th Oct 2015 / By Guest Contributor

Last week on Project Runway, we witnessed each contestant vie for the chance to have their winning design sold on JustFab and even though each contestant put their best foot forward, only one winner made it to the top.

Designer Edmond Newton was declared as the JustFab challenge winner and his winning design, the Bombshell Bodycon Dress, is now available on JustFab.com! We love the sexy silhouette and cage details of this dress – it’s flattering on all body types and perfect for a hot night out!


We got a chance to sit down with Edmond and chat about the JustFab challenge episode and all things Project Runway. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on one of televisions hottest designers:

Q&A With Project Runway Designer Edmond Newton

  • JustFab: What was your favorite or most memorable part of the JustFab challenge and why?
  • Edmond: My favorite part of the JustFab challenge was when my model walked out onto the runway. Ciara’s face lit up and her mouth dropped as she said “wow.” It was surreal to hear to say that my design was “one of those dresses that I think that every girl wants, I would want to wear this dress because I think that I am going to feel sexy in it.”
  • JF: What was going through your head when you were assigned the “Bombshell” JustFab style profile?
  • EN: Honestly, I was thinking that whatever profile was given to me, I was going to blow it out of the water because I wanted to win the challenge and have my design be sold on JustFab.com.
  • JF: We love that this dress is so versatile – what are some other ways a JustFab girl can style this dress?
  • EN: This dress can be paired with a blazer and worn in a professional setting. It can also be worn with a motorcycle jacket and a pair of booties for an edgier look. For the sexier look, you can dress is up with a pair of pumps or heels #Bombshell!
  • JF: Was there a specific moment during the JustFab challenge when you thought that you might win?
  • EN: The moment when I saw my model, Zorana, walk down that runway, looking like money! She embodied every element of the word “Bombshell.”
  • JF: What’s the funniest or most memorable thing that happened behind the scenes during the JustFab challenge?
  • EN: When I put my dress design on my model and it completely came to life. Everyone in the room was looking at her and I could smell the fear in the air! That is the response you will get in the Edmond Newton #Bombshell dress.
  • JF: Looking back, if you could have done anything differently, would you have changed something?
  • EN: Nope, I would not have changed a thing.
  • JF: How do you feel about your design being sold on JustFab.com?
  • EN: I feel that my design being sold on JustFab.com allows me to get closer to the customer. Purchasing this “EDMOND NEWTON” designed dress on JustFab allows the consumer to reach me as a designer and to become a part of this whole experience of me being on Project Runway. They are able to become part of the story.
  • JF: What keeps you going, challenge after challenge?
  • EN: What keeps me going is all of the sacrifices, struggles, barriers and obstacles that I have had to experience along the way to become a successful American Fashion Designer.
  • JF: Is there a designer/contestant you feel particularly close to?
  • EN: We all went through this experience together so I feel that I’ve connected in some way, shape or form, with everyone on the show. Since the show, Merline and I have gotten really close. She and I each live in our own world.
  • JF: What’s the hardiest thing about being on the show?
  • EN: The hardest thing about being on the show is working in a different workspace setting than the one you’re used to. Plus, as artists, we have to subject our work onto a platform and receive constructive criticism during each challenge.
  • JF: What time and place in fashion history is your favorite and why?
  • EN: I love the 1970’s! My reason for this is because my parents took lots of pictures of themselves and their experiences during this era. I was able to look through stacks of photo albums and see the way my parents looked, dressed and lived prior to me being born. On top of all of that, I feel that in the 1970’s, both men and women could be more fashion forward (ie: European fits accessories, fur and glamour)
  • JF: What do you think people will be wearing 100 years from now?
  • EN: I think that people will be wearing very creatively constructed garments made out of whatever resources are available. Kind of like the dumpster dive unconventional challenge on Project Runway, in which case, I’ll be very prepared for!
  • JF: What is your advice for other aspiring designers?
  • EN: My advice is to trust your own journey. You also have to discover the design process that works for you.

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