The Working Mom’s Guide To Feeling Fabulous

16th Sep 2015 / By Guest Contributor

Happy working parents day! As a working mom of a vibrant and active toddler, I know the struggles we mom’s bear with trying to balance being “the worlds best mom” and having a fulfilling career at the same time. Most of the time we wind up neglecting ourselves to make the important people in our lives happy but I have learned in my short time being a working mom, and in talking with other awesome mom’s, that there are a few things that we can do to make ourselves feel…well, fabulous!

  1. Accept trade-offs. Let’s face it, we can’t do everything and sometimes we need to sacrifice some things to make our lives run smoother. If you don’t feel good about sacrificing things then make compromises. For example, our kids don’t have to be in every sport and have a ton of extra curricular activities by the age of 10 to be happy. Choose one or two based on your schedule and plan to do the others later.
  2. Never let anyone make you feel guilty for the choices you make as a mother…especially for choosing to have a career and being a mom simultaneously.
  3. Career mom and Supermom are not one in the same. Know that you are an exceptional human being, the queen of multitasking, and you juggle family, life, work and personal needs effortlessly but also accept that you have limitations and will not be able to do everything.
  4. Find a 5 minute daily beauty regimen to allow yourself some time to glam up before work. Working mom’s don’t have to feel frumpy…we are naturally fabulous for all we do so own it and doll yourself up! If you look good, you’ll feel good.
  5. Get those zzz’s in. Healthy and happy mom’s need their rest and its essential to feeling fabulous. Set strict guidelines around your sleep schedule and you will become a well-oiled career mom machine.
  6. Don’t consume yourself with what other mom’s do for their children. Do what is best for you and your family and your children will love you for it unconditionally!
  7. Lower your standards of what a good parent is “supposed” to be.
  8. Choose “quality time” activities with your kids that not only they will enjoy but you will enjoy as well. I personally love waking up a little earlier than normal on work days from time to time and taking my daughter to breakfast before dropping her at daycare. This allows us to have some quality time together in the middle of the week…just the two of us and we love it!
  9. Remind yourself everyday why you are worthy of feeling fabulous. Jot down these reminders on post-its and display them where you can reference them when you are having a rough day.
  10. Take a moment for yourself and disconnect from everything. Enjoy a cup of tea in silence, take a walk or just take a breather. My favorite past-time is shopping so I take a moment for retail therapy…lol!

Some of our fabulous mom’s here at JustFab shared things they do as working mom’s to feel fabulous. Here is what they shared:

MomsWorkwear_Blog“As mom’s, we spend so much time working and taking care of others that we often times neglect ourselves. It’s important for me to do the things that make me feel fabulous. A nice massage, a fun date night and a little retail therapy always brightens my day.” – Bilan J. – Social Media Analyst & Moderator

MomsWorkwear_Blog2MomsWorkwear_Blog3Bilan is Femme Nouveau mommy and is wearing the Wrap Jumpsuit, Tailored Classic Blazer, Monika pumps and Dallas shoulder bag.MomsWorkwear_Blog5

“I have the mentality to work hard, play hard. Regardless of my busy day at work or how tired I am, I still go home to find time to do fun things with my daughter. We are very spontaneous whether we’ll go bike riding after work, play cards, do dub smashes together, bake, etc…I also make sure I squeeze in time for myself to relax and get my nails done or treat myself to a massage after work. I try my best to balance work and home which I find is the key to keeping me happy and sane. 🙂 “ – Traci W. – Design Manager

MomsWorkwear_Blog4MomsWorkwear_Blog6Traci is a Trendsetter Mommy and is wearing the Gauzy Open Shoulder Top, Perfect Jegging, Chantalle bootie, Mario handbag and Diamond Dynasty earrings.

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