DIY Home Decor For A Festive Fall Season

3rd Sep 2015 / By Guest Contributor

September is upon us, which means boots, pumpkin spice, and squash are all officially in season! This is my favorite time of year, and there’s no faster way to make it really feel like fall than to dress your home up with some festive home decor. There’s no need to spend a ton to do so, in fact, you can make something right at home! Today I’ll be showing you how to make two types of DIY home decor for fall: a stunning centerpiece and a decorative door wreath. Super simple and super cute!


For the centerpiece you’ll need:
• 1 decorative tray
• 3-5 candles in assorted heights (choose colored or fall-scented for extra oomph!)
• brown twine
• decorative faux leaves
• a small pinecone
• tape & scissors


Step 1: Grab your larger candles and place a loop of tape onto each side. Secure a faux leaf onto each piece of tape.
Step 2: Wrap a piece of twine around each candle and secure with a bow. Do the same for each of the smaller candles as well.
Step 3: Arrange candles, leaves, and pinecone on the decorative tray. Light candles and watch the season come to life!



For the wreath you’ll need:
1 grapevine and twig leaf, found at most craft stores
• 2 bunches of faux flowers
• 1 roll of burlap ribbon
• scissors and wire cutters


Step 1: Use the wire cutters to snip the stems from the bunches. Leave about 1-2 inches of stem to secure into place on the wreath.
Step 2: Arrange the flowers up the side of the wreath. No need for tape or glue, they should stay tucked into place.
Step 3: Wrap the burlap ribbon around the other side of the wreath and finish up top in a bow.
Step 4: Hang on your door or mount on your mantle for a rustic hint of fall.


Which one of these DIYs will you be making? Have any other festive ideas for fall?

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