The Ultimate Summer Boozy Popsicle Cocktail Recipe

16th Aug 2015 / By Guest Contributor

Happy Peach Month Fabshionistas!

August is peach month and what better way to celebrate than with something that’s refreshing and boozy all-in-one. If you haven’t ever had one of these boozy concoctions you’re in for a treat. A few months ago I went on a trip to New York and on my first night there we went to a rooftop bar that had yummy boozy popsicle cocktails. I grabbed my inspiration from that and decided to make my own! I present you the Peach Mimosa Popsicle Cocktail.


BoozyCocktails_Blog01You will need:

-1 set of 6 popsicle molds

– 1 medium peach, cut into slices

– ½ cup of champagne

– ½ cup of peach juice

– 1 bottle of champagne for serving

– 6 wine glasses


  1. For the puree: blend sliced peaches, reserving some for the garnish, until pureed. Add ½ cup of peach juice and blend again.
  2. For the popsicle mix: Add ½ cup of champagne to the blended peach puree and pulse twice to combine. Then pour into each mold. The mixture will be foamy, so let the foam disperse and add additional mix as needed.
  3. Freeze for approximately 4 hours or overnight, until solid.
  4. To create your beverage: Run the popsicle mold under hot water for 10 seconds until you can wiggle the popsicle free. Fill each glass halfway full of champagne. Insert boozy popsicle.

That’s it! The perfect combination of the boozy peach popsicle in the champagne will result in a melted peach bellini beverage for you to enjoy, or you can eat the popsicle alone.

How will you be celebrating Peach Month? Let us know in the comments below!


Recipe provided by: Jacqueline V., and Lindsey N., Copywriters


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