Meet the JustFab Blog Team

27th Aug 2015 / By Guest Contributor

We thought it was time to properly introduce you to our fabulous blog team that brings you the latest trends, DIY’s, fashion tips, and much more on the blog!

The blog team, is a cheerful bunch – I can speak for all of us when I say contributing to The Fab Life  is a highlight! It’s a time for us to get creative, pick a topic we are passionate about and make it a beautiful piece of content for you.

JustFab Blog Team

To get you started on a little behind the scenes action, my name is Rosemary aka the Head Bloginista. Every month I run the show, from setting up brainstorms with the team, planning our calendar, managing blog photo shoots, working with each contributor and making sure every post is up on time. I absolutely LOVE blogging and working closely with the blog team. Every month is a new adventure of fun topics; my personal favorite posts to write about are DIY projects! 🙂

JustFab Team Blog

Meet Jacqueline, she is our Fab Bloginista. She is our savvy wordsmith who gives all posts a second eye before they get published. She keeps us unified and on brand because… well, sometimes we like to get carried away with extra exclamation points, etc. (we’re easily excited lol) but she is quick to check us!

JustFab Team Blog

left to right: Rosemary C., Jillian D., Billan J., Oliver M., Jennifer E., Lindsey N., Isamar B., Natasha K., Stephanie P., Maggie E., Jacqueline V., Jane L., Gary B., Claudia V.

And finally meet the happy bunch! On a side note, this is usually what a normal brainstorm looks for us. HA! You will catch us all cracking up and throwing out the most random ideas because we strongly believe all ideas are good ideas and can lead to something awesome!

From the very beginning each blog contributor works hard to develop the theme for their blog post and bring it to life. I work closely each month with all contributors to make sure we deliver a clear message to all of our readers. Believe me… it’s not always fun and games – we’ve had some major Pinterest fails in the past but everyone works through it to make sure the content we share is amazing and enjoyable for you. All contributors take a ton of pride in their post!

JustFab Team Blog

Last, but certainly not least – meet Jennifer, she is our very talented photographer! She’s normally hiding behind the lens but we are so thankful for her. She makes sure all images look amazing and whatever story we are trying to tell you is clear as can be. From finding the perfect props to getting our staffer models to crack a laugh, she totally nails it! Follow her on Instagram: @jericksonphoto


So now that you’ve met us, comment below & tell us what topics you want us to write about… We’re open to all ideas! XoXo

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