JustFab On Project Runway: Episode 2

14th Aug 2015 / By Guest Contributor

Did you catch last night’s episode of Project Runway? If you missed it, don’t worry – here’s a glimpse at what you missed!

Episode 2 Challenge Winner: Designer Edmond Newton won the unconventional challenge with his beautiful wedding dress inspired creation. He paired his creative look with Ritah, from the JustFab accessory wall.


There were so many fun (and stressful) moments on last night’s episode as all the designers were scrambling to put together their last minute touches.




Check out each designer’s episode 2 runway look and their JustFab accessory wall pick:

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp14 Style Pictured Above: Wylla

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp13Style Pictured Above: Kristyn

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp12Style Pictured Above: Taesha

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp11Style Pictured Above: Veryn

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp10Style Pictured Above: Desire

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp9Style Pictured Above: Donny

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp8Style Pictured Above: Ritah

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp7Style Pictured Above: Salona

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp6Style Pictured Above: Dorothee

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp4Style Pictured Above: Tinsley

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp2Style Pictured Above: Gretchen

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp5 Style Pictured Above: Dorothee

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUp3 Style Pictured Above: Fernanda

ProjectRunway_E2_RoundUpStyle Pictured Above: Ariane

Which designer’s look did you love most from last night’s episode?

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