8 Wedding Guest Etiquette Rules to Live By

9th Jun 2015 / By Guest Contributor

We’ve all heard of the “don’t wear white” rule, but what other wedding guest etiquette rules should we be aware of?

If you have a wedding (or several) to attend this upcoming wedding season, but don’t want to end up being “that person” then be sure to read our top wedding etiquette do’s and don’ts:

Respect the RSVP

Once you’ve received your wedding invitation from the happy couple, mark your calendar with the RSVP deadline so you won’t forget to send them your response. These days, many couples collect RSVP’s through their wedding website, so sending your response can be as easy as a click of a button! If something comes up after you’ve submitted your RSVP, be sure to let the couple know of any changes in attendance!

Keep Your Fashion in Check

You probably already know not to wear white, but what about cream or ivory? It’s probably best not to wear anything that could get mistaken for the color white – you don’t want to upset other guests and especially, the bride!

If you’re excited about sporting that sexy, new body-con dress –you know, the one with the high slit – take our advice and hold off on it’s debut. You don’t want to shock the other wedding guests and have them mumbling about your daring little number instead of singing praises about the beautiful bride.

Be Timely

We’ve all been there. That moment when you have somewhere important to be, but something gets in your way and somehow you’ve ended up an hour late. Take all precautionary measures so that this doesn’t happen on on the day of the wedding. Check traffic for the route you’re planning on taking and plan in advance.

So what’s the rule for when you’re allowed to leave a wedding? Most would say that it’s ok to make a quiet exit after the cake has been cut.

Plus (N)one

There’s a simple way to figure out if you can bring a plus one to the wedding: if your invitation states you can bring a plus one, you can. In most cases, the invitation will indicate whether or not you can bring a guest with you.

Now for the big question: Are you allowed to ask the couple if you can bring a plus one, even if they didn’t indicate it on the invite? Our advice is to not bring it up, since it might put them in a very awkward position to deny a plus one again or force them to give you a plus one out of pity. Either way, it’s not a great situation for either of you to be in.

Appropriate Behavior

 It goes without saying that as a wedding guest, you should always be on your best behavior, but things (like the open bar) can put a dent in our plans! Even if there is an open bar, don’t order three tequila shots in a row –that’s what after parties are for! You don’t want to be that one sloppy chick that everyone will be talking about the day after the wedding.

Have you witnessed any crazy behavior at a wedding you’ve been to? Share your stories below!

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