3 Celeb Inspired No-Heat Summer Hairstyles

26th Jun 2015 / By Guest Contributor

As the summer months quickly approach us so will the high humidity and bright sun. During the summer, I like to take this time to showcase heatless hairstyles. Three of my favorite hairstyles are the fish tail braid, the messy bun/top knot, and the goddess braid. All of these hairstyles can be done on any hair type or texture; some take a little practice if you are not used to braiding, but watching a few tutorials will alleviate that.

So why go heatless in the summer? Using Florida as an example, it is the most humid state in the country! During the summer months, we average over 90 degrees, but it feels like 105. This kind of weather combined with heat styling can suck the moisture out of anyone’s hair and lead to damage and breakage.

Many celebs opt for beautiful heatless styles in their everyday lives as well as on the red carpet! I was inspired by Blake Lively’s high pony fish tail braid that she wore on the red carpet back in 2014. She is often photographed by the paparazzi sporting a high or low fish tail braid and always looks chic. For straight or fine hair, all you will need is a little hair spray to smooth flyaways. For curly/kinky hair, you can achieve this look easily on hair that has been stretched by doing a loose or chunky braid and letting it dry overnight. This will loosen the curls and make them easy to manipulate.

Next, we have Jennifer Lopez. She always adorns heatless styles such as braids, beach waves, and my favorite: the bun/top knot. This hairstyle is super easy and simple, but it can pull an outfit together and give you a fabulous high fashion look (even for running errands). This hairstyle will work on any hair type. All you need to do is pull your hair into a bun or top knot and smooth any flyaways with a hairspray, gel, or pomade.

The last look is the fab goddess braid. My inspiration for any type of goddess braided style is Janelle Monae. She rocks these styles effortlessly while working out, running errands, and even on the red carpet. Her most recent look was a beautiful goddess braid that she wore at the Met Gala this year. I personally enjoy doing the goddess braid on curly/kinky or straight hair. I do, however, prefer to do it on wet hair because it gives the hairstyle a more polished look and it’s easy to tame flyaways.

Once you delve into the world of heatless styling, you may never want to look back because it’s so easy and simple. Your hair will love you for it and you will look fab! My fave look of all – all natural baby.

No-Heat Summer Hairstyles

Comment below & tell us which style you will try this summer.

Airie L., Brand Ambassador


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