Simple Hacks to Making Your Perfume Last Longer

18th May 2015 / By Guest Contributor

I love playing with perfume and applying different scents based on my mood, the season or even the occasion. Often I will spritz myself with a citrus or fruity scent when I am feeling flirty or a sophisticated floral scent for special occasions. But I have found that sometimes my favorite scents leave me before the day is through! Well no fear, I have discovered and tested a few hacks to help your favorite fragrances last longer and allow you to continue smelling sweet throughout your day…check them out!

  1. Find Your Perfect Fragrance – its always best to test out different fragrances on your skin prior to purchasing them. Sometimes that lovely fragrance that smells great on your friend will not always smell the same on you. When searching for a great perfume, know what fragrance notes you enjoy smelling (floral, fruity, citrus, woodsy, spicy or musk) and start your search from there. My go-to fragrance right now for Spring is Dolce by Dolce & Gabanna because of the floral notes and delicate scent.
  2. Make sure your skin is clean & moisturized prior to application – applying fragrances to clean and well moisturized skin allows for the perfume to convey its optimal scent. People with natural oily skin sometimes find that fragrances last longer on their skin so if you have dry skin, be sure to moisturize well.
  3. Apply lotion & fragrance to pulse points – there are 5 pulse point areas you can apply both the lotion and the fragrance to in order to make the scent last longer (check out the diagram below). Heat activates these pulse points and intensifies the scent in your perfume. Whether you spray, dab, or apply solid perfume, its key to avoid rubbing in the perfume after application, to prevent “crushing” the scent. Also, always apply perfume before putting on your clothes to avoid staining or discoloration of the material.


I hope you discover an awesome fragrance this Spring and these tips help you to stay smelling fresh and sweet all year long!

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