One Dress, Three Shoes, One Sexy Weekend

19th May 2015 / By Guest Contributor

The summer is upon us, and two things come to my mind, ginger peach lemonade and…summer nights in NYC. Every summer, there are new boys in my life, exciting adventures, and wardrobe changes galore. But I’ve noticed that there is always a Summer fave dress that I tend to rock week after week, and night after night. One of my fave styles to rock is a flirty mini dress that has movement galore.  Here are  three shoe options to wear your fave mini dress with for a wonderful weekend with your sexy dates.

The Outfit Foundation: The Flirty Dress
Go ahead, show show some leg. It will give you a chance to show off your golden tan while not being too scantily clad.

Beauty Bonus: Boys LOVE smooth skin. Go for a dry oil that makes you shine and have butter smooth soft skin in an instant.

Friday Night Date: A Summer Concert in the Park
Sport the Cardea sandal in coral for a touch of color blocking, and loads of comfort. There’s nothing worse than walking through grass in stilettos and feeling like you’re in quick sand. You guys can jump and dance all night to your favorite band, and maybe even have a little blanket time together.

Saturday Night Date: Swanky Hotel Rooftop Cocktails
Now is the time to pull out the showstoppers. Rooftops lend for more sparkle and shine from the city, so your glitzy Moritz heel in Red will make you the star of the night.

Flirt Alert: As you sip your cocktails, let out a fun chuckle and kick up your leg to tush for a little extra drama and dreaminess.

Sunday Night Date: A Museum Opening
We love art, and especially wearable art. You and the mister will admire the masterpieces and rub shoulders with the cool people downtown. The seafoam Chett wedge is a wonderful way to be on your feet all night in style and complete comfort.

Color Code: The darker shade of teal pairs well with your mint mini for a perfect combo, closing off the weekend with a bang.


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