How To Assemble Fabulous Work Wear

12th May 2015 / By Guest Contributor

The key to assembling fabulous work wear is to first understand your work environment. Do you work in a business professional or business casual setting? What type of company is it? Are you in a field such as law or do you work for a creative ecommerce company? This helps you know your wardrobe boundaries, such as wearing trousers or denim.

Don’t worry; your fabulousness doesn’t change just because you work at a certain place. A fabulous work look is derived from having great staple items in your closet.  They are classic pieces that can be worn in many different ways.

For the summer, here’s a list of my key items that will make a fabulous work look:

·       White Blazer
·       Trouser
·       Silk Blouse With Or Without Buttons
·       Neutral Or Black Colored Shoes
·       Carry-All Bag
·       One Statement Jewelry Item

Now that you have your staple work pieces you can customize them to your personality. Lose the structure and go for a drapey jacket. For a more sportier, relaxed feel try a drawstring or track trouser. Wear your blouse in a vibrant color or playful print. Try a new silhouette for your shoe, such a mule or d’Orsay.

Lastly, and this should probably be the first: To achieve a fabulous work look, you must have confidence. Be proud of who you are and your outfit choice. Always wear a smile.


Tamika R.

Featured Styles (image above):
Jacket: Drapey Crepe Trench, Blouse: Diamond Print Tank, Pant: Tie Front Cropped Pant, Shoe: LucilaBag: JimmyBracelet: Heart You

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