2 Easy Ways To DIY A Vase For Mother’s Day

5th May 2015 / By Guest Contributor

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 10th… hint hint! If you haven’t already nailed down that perfect gift for mom (she’s the hardest to shop for, right?), or you’re just looking for special something to gift those fresh cut flowers in, then this DIY Mother’s Day gift is perfect for you! And since you’re going to have the supplies out anyway, why not make a version for yourself too? Choose from a chic glitter ombre effect or a vintage-inspired dot pattern and keep one yourself and gift the other to mom. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Please note: If you’re doing the dot pattern, you will need to let it dry overnight twice, so plan accordingly!


• 2 glass vases
• clear gloss glass paint
• opaque metallic gold glass paint
• translucent gold glitter glass paint
• painter’s tape
• paint brush

1. To make the glitter ombre: apply glitter paint in one layer, tapering off the intensity of your brush strokes as you reach the bottom to create an ombre effect. Once you complete the first layer, work your way back up toward the top with additional layers to intensify the amount of glitter. Be sure to work in thin layers and let the paint dry for 3-4 minutes between coats! Once your vase has the desired amount of ombre glitter, let dry overnight up to 12 hours.

2. To make the vintage dot pattern: This pattern needs to dry overnight twice, so be sure to plan ahead of time! Begin by taping off a straight line around the bottom of the vase to use as your guide for painting. With the clear gloss glass paint, create columns of dots down the vase, working around the bottom to create an even grid of dots (see image below). Don’t worry if they’re not completely perfect! Let the dots dry 12 hours. Then take the opaque metallic gold glass paint and apply it in a thin, even layer using the tape as your guide. Take care to keep the paint from clumping around the dots! I find that working in short strokes is best. Let the gold layer dry for another 12 hours or overnight.


Once your design is complete, wrap the vase for mom or deliver it to her with her favorite flowers and, may we suggest, a JustFab gift card! Either way, this handmade DIY Mother’s Day gift is sure to be a hit!

What are you doing to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day?

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