Planks: A Guide to the Best Core Workout

10th Apr 2015 / By Guest Contributor

Here we are again… that dreaded time of year that seems to sneak up on us every time – that’s right, bikini season is upon us. While we all love shopping for new bathing suits, it’s the part when we have to try them on that we realize we never really shed those holiday pounds. Never fear – this plank-focused workout routine will help you sculpt, tone and get back into shape, just in time to hit the beach.

Of course, you have to look cute while working out, too! Pair the Sintra sports bra with the Salar Capri Fold-Over. Cover up with the Forward Tee and complete the look with the vibrant Tamilita sneaker. Grab your yoga mat and dumbbells (weight dependent on how buff you are) and get moving! Try this routine two to three times per week. Complete 10-15 reps per exercise, then switch sides.


Exercise 1: The Balancing Act

Begin in a plank position with one hand on a dumbbell. Balancing on one hand, pull the weight up to your chest, then pull up until your arm is straight back. Bring your arm back down, and repeat.

Plank Workout

Exercise 2: The Superwoman

Begin the same as Exercise 1 – in a plank position with one hand on a dumbbell. This time, pull your arm up and forward, like Super(wo)man! Slowly bring your arm down to starting position, making sure your hips remain parallel during your movement.

Plank Workout

Exercise 3: The Ab-inator

Start in the plank position. Turn your body to one side, crossing your legs and pivoting onto the sides of your feet. Raise your arm upwards and look up to the sky. Bring it back home to the plank position.

Plank Workout

Exercise 4: The Hard-Core

Back to the plank position to start. Pull your knee towards your opposing elbow, slightly twisting your hips. Return to plank, but keep the same leg raised and extended back. Lower your leg and return to plank.

Planks will definitely have you sweating by the end of your workout, but keep it up and you’ll be bikini-ready by this summer! Share some of your favorite workout routines below.

-Stephanie P.

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