JustFab Staff Stories: Enchanting Engagements

6th Feb 2015 / By Guest Contributor

It’s February and love is in the air! In honor of February being Creative Romance & Wedding Month, here are a few engagement stories from some of our very own JustFab staff members.


Natasha K., Director of Social Media, JustFab: “He took me to lunch at the Santa Monica Promenade, and mentioned that his friend had an art exhibition at a local gallery and that we should stop by. We strolled over to the art gallery and I noticed it was completely empty. It was a photography exhibit, and I noticed that the first image looked familiar. As I walked down the hall, each image was a zoomed in picture of the image before it, until finally the last image was clearly the engagement ring of my dreams! As I came to this realization, he ran around the wall, and on the other side was a portrait of him holding the ring, and he bent down on his knee and made his proposal. I of course accepted. Then that evening, to celebrate, he rented a hotel suite, and limo, so we could hang out with our friends and we had a special dinner at the Magic Castle.”

Staci P., Copywriter: My husband and I have been best friends since high school, and we were actually roommates before we ever dated. Once we realized we loved each other, we started “dating” per-se, although our living situation never changed, hehe. On the morning of our engagement, he woke me up and said, “Happy 2 year anniversary,” (I didn’t even know we had an anniversary!), and handed me a huge box. I was still in bed, opened the box, and pulled out a simple black pair of Nike running shoes. I had been wanting them forever, so I was super excited! When I went to unlace them to try them on, there was a ring attached to the lace! I looked at him in disbelief, and hid under the covers and screamed. We were married 6 months later!”

Maggie E., Senior Copywriter: “My fiancé, David, and I met five years ago at a birthday party. At the time, his best friend was dating my best friend. The whole party was awkward and, despite him definitely showing interest in me, we didn’t really spend that much together until a few weeks later when we ran into each other again at a bar. He asked me out and, after a couple fun dinner dates and whatnot, we decided to have a super mellow night; we went to Diddy Riese in Westwood to get cookies and spent three and a half hours walking around the UCLA campus getting to know each other better. It has since become our monthly ritual! Fast forward to May 5, 2014 – it was a Saturday. We went for a hike, did some shopping/errand running and, per David’s instance, went to Diddy Riese to get a bag of our favorite cookies which he had apparently been craving. Then we went to dinner at this beautiful restaurant in Malibu, right on the sand, sort of off the beaten path. He had called ahead and reserved the best table in the restaurant. When dinner was over, David ran back to his car to get the bag of cookies so that we could have them while we walked on the beach. He asked me casually if I wanted one – obviously I did! – and when I stuck my hand in the bag, I felt a small box and a piece of paper. I pulled it out and saw the ring box and a letter and immediately burst into tears. He got down on one knee, started to cry, too, and read the letter out loud to me – he told me he wrote it so that I would always remember how he felt about me, even after the moment had passed. I was so emotional all I could think to say was “I FEEL LIKE I’M HAVING AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE!” It was the most sincere moment of all time! Then, on our drive back home, I couldn’t get a hold of my parents – I must’ve called them 25 times. Turns out he had been in cahoots with them the whole time so, when we got home and I turned on the light in our living room, they were there with my best friend and his best friend, spraying us with champagne! It was SUCH a fun night! Our wedding date is October 3rd of this year and I can’t wait!!”

Sandra D., SVP Marketing: “He proposed the weekend of my birthday. We went out to dinner at Geoffrey’s in Malibu. We arrived just before sunset so we got to enjoy the beautiful view. After dinner, we stopped in at North End in Hermosa Beach (the bar where we met) for a drink. The night we met, he first saw me as he was walking out of North End and I was walking in. He decided to stay and he and his group of friends came over to our table and introduced themselves. The night of the proposal, he managed to get me by the front door, that’s when he got down on one knee and said “This is the place I first laid eyes on you…”. I went into complete shock but after a few minutes I managed to say YES!!!”

Kristi M., Director of Social Media, Fabletics: “Our engagement actually started with heartbreak. I ran the 2011 Boston Marathon with two of my best friends, and Alex traveled with me to the race…joining us during the climb up Heartbreak Hill. We celebrated the next day by walking through the city, because apparently trekking through 26.2 miles of it the day before wasn’t enough! It was chilly, but Alex and I wanted to see the Boston Public Garden, which we had to ourselves because of rain. After a few failed attempts at trying to get me to stop taking photos (all of which showed his hand deep in his pocket to protect the ring), we stopped on the bridge. He got down on one knee, puddles and all, and asked me to marry him. A perfect ending to the best week ever. Almost four years later, we’re still married and about to run a marathon together for the first time!”

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-Stephanie P.

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