Stylish Houseplants to Perk Up Your Home

10th Jan 2015 / By Guest Contributor

Have you ever looked at the rooms in your home and thought there was something missing from giving it more of a cozy feel? In celebration of Houseplant Appreciation Day, which is today, stop by your local Home & Garden store and pick up a gorgeous houseplant to perk up your home!

There are tons of low maintenance houseplants that will make the perfect addition to any room and add sophistication to your home. Check out some of my faves below.

Stylish Houseplants to Perk Up Your Home

Oxalis or Purple Shamrock Plant

These unique plants grow in a clump of striking purple foliage and the leaves mimic those of a shamrock. In the Spring & Summer, soft pink trumpet shaped flowers blossom from these plants and can create a beautiful display in your home. These plants are very easy to maintain and can survive in many different environments.

Sansevieria trifasciata or Snake Plants

This plant not only looks unique and is super low maintenance, but it also is one of the best for filtering out toxins in your home! The leaves can grow as tall as 4 feet and can be pretty for an architectural contrast in your home.


Pothos are known to be one of the easiest houseplants to keep and tend to be very tolerant to low light conditions. Their vines can grow over 100 feet long and are awesome as hanging plants. They also hold great air purifying qualities.

Aloe Plant

Aloe plants are beautiful succulents and come in over 250 species. When given sufficient sunlight, Aloe plants make beautiful & exotic houseplants. They are also well known for their medicinal & healing properties!

Peace Lily

These plants are commonly found in most houses because they are easy to grow and adaptable to indoor environments. They can grow as tall as 6 feet and bloom delicate white lilies in the early Summer, and stay bloomed through the remainder of the year.


Moth Orchids are probably the most common and least expensive orchids that you can find, but the flowers they bloom tend to be gorgeous! They come in a variety of colors including white, pink, red, green, yellow, orange, and purple. All these beauties need for survival is a spot in low, medium or bright light and weekly watering.

Hedera Helix or English Ivy

These plants grow in vines and look nice either potted or hanging. These plants are also great for reducing airborne toxins, and can be great for adding beautiful accents indoors and outdoors.


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