The JustFab Diary of a 3 Day Juice Cleanse

23rd Dec 2014 / By Guest Contributor

In the spirit of ringing in the New Year and kicking it off feeling fabulous, a fellow JustFab staffer & I decided to complete a 3 day cleanse from Pressed Juicery. It all started off with simply wanting to look extra good in our New Years Eve dresses from JustFab, but with time it became much more than looking great for 1 night. Continue reading to see our journey and most importantly, our end results. 

About the Cleanse: A 3 day cleanse from Pressed Juicery consists of 8 delicious & all-natural juices. You must drink the entire bottle every 2.5 hours. Drinking water between each juice is key. Staying away from all food is essential & recommended. The cleanse gives your system a break, allowing it to reboot which increases physical energy, mental clarity, better sleep and a glowing complexion! To learn more, visit the FAQ’s.

Our Diary: Before we started, we made sure we had our fashionable tote ready to carry all 8 drinks with us each day!
Diary: Pressed Juicery 3 Day Cleanse

Irene S., Social Media Manager
Purpose of cleanse: To restart healthy eating after Thanksgiving. Also, to increase my daily vitamin intake.

DAY 1: I woke up intimidated by this mission, so I went to yoga to center myself and get momentum to start the cleanse. After yoga, I drank a tall glass of water and drank my first bottle of greens. It was delicious! The lemon and apple juice woke me up. Throughout the day, it was hard to stay away from caffeine, but the juices gave me just enough energy to get through my day.

DAY 2: Yes, I was hungry in the morning. I drank 2 glasses of water and downed my first juice as soon as I woke up. I unexpectedly felt awake throughout the day, and didn’t feel the need for a cup of tea or coffee. It was unreal! After work, I went to the gym to walk on the treadmill for 25 minutes. It was perfect to keep my body moving, but not push too hard.

DAY 3: I couldn’t believe it was already the 3rd and final day! It was bittersweet because I thought I could do this cleanse for longer, but I also wanted to chew on something! I felt sluggish mid-day so I gave in and had a handful of almonds. I felt guilty, but I also wanted to listen to my body. At night, I felt much lighter and clear-headed. It was probably from all the vitamins in the juices that I don’t normally get.

Results: Overall, I had a great experience! I didn’t know what to expect, but I felt and saw a big difference in my body, skin, and mind. If 3 days could do that, I’m sure 5 days would feel amazing.

Rosemary C., Social Media Coordinator
Purpose of cleanse: I was feeling really heavy due to lack of exercise & poor eating choices. It was definitely time to reset my taste buds. Plus, I wanted to start off the year feeling good.

DAY 1: It was by far my hardest day! I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first time doing a cleanse. My first juice was delicious & I felt reassured that this cleanse would be tasty & satisfying. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about eating bread or a sandwich for lunch! I got a headache & realized I needed to increase my water intake. Once I did that I felt a lot better.

DAY 2: I woke up feeling great after getting an amazing 8 hours of sleep! I looked forward to each juice as all the flavors are so different. Appreciating each vegetable & fruit with every sip was a fun experience. During the day, my mind was on a roll – I was no longer thinking about food. I felt great & a lot of the bloat I was feeling prior to the cleanse was almost gone. I did light stretching in the evening to clear my mind & went to bed early.

DAY 3: I couldn’t  believe it was almost over. Taking in each juice felt normal, I didn’t care if others ate in front of me. I was no longer craving a slice of pizza, caffeine or sugary treats. I actually was looking forward to a kale salad the next day (I never crave salad). I felt clear minded, strong & as if a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulder.

Results: I felt fabulous! This cleanse did much more than just help me feel good in my NYE dress. I felt completely re-charged, energized & surprisingly my skin looked amazing. For those of you wondering, I lost 5 pounds (happy dance)!

We both highly recommend Pressed Juicery for a cleanse! The staff is so helpful & willing to help you every step of the way, plus they have amazing holiday specials. Check them out now & let us know about your experience in the comments below.

Start the cleanse now & take advantage of the New Year promo: 3 Day Cleanse for only $149!

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