3 Elegant Makeup Looks For NYE

17th Dec 2014 / By Guest Contributor

From life changing resolutions to midnight kisses, you’ve got a lot of pressure to start the New Year right. Let me help take some of the stress off with 3 simple, yet elegant makeup looks that will have you picture perfect for the big night.

Each look focuses on highlighting one key element of the face: eyes, lips or skin.

The Sultry Eye (see image above)
This is about captivating people with your eyes. Your goal is subtle seduction rather than bold drama.

1. Use a medium brown colored eye shadow on your lid. This color is going to help you blend the edges of your eyeliner.
2. Use a soft eyeliner pencil to draw along your upper and lower lash lines. Using a small pointed brush, blend out the eyeliner to soften the edges of the lines. If you feel like you blended too much, you can always go back and retrace your lash line with a pencil once more.
3. Add a set of false lashes to intensify your look. Add the adhesive glue to the end strip of the lashes and place it over your eye lid. Hold it for 15 seconds for a secure bond.
4. Complete your looks with a touch of your favorite nude or peachy lipstick/lip-gloss.

The Bold Lip
Makeup Guide: Bold Lips
Whether you’re debating between a fun and flirty pink or an unmistakable red, a bold lip is an eye catcher. Your kissable lips are the focal point here so keep everything else simple and clean.

1. Use a light brown eye shadow all over your lid. This will give your eyes a little dimension.
2. Off-setting your bold lip with a pair of full wispy lashes is the perfect touch. (I’m wearing The Cosmo).
3. Apply a thin line of black eyeliner along your upper and lower lash line.
4. Use a sugar scrub to remove dead skin from your lips. Then, apply a thin layer of lip balm. Note: prepping your lips will help your lipstick glide on smoothly.
5. About that midnight kiss… Grab your favorite lipstick & a matching lip liner. Apply the liner along the edges of your lips & completely fill in your lips. Next, apply your lipstick right on top of the liner. This extra step will help your lipstick color last longer.

The Luminous Glow
New Year's Makeup Tutorial
This look is modest because it tends to look very natural, but it’s still fabulously flawless.

1. A neat brow can transform a face alone. Brush your brows and lightly fill in sparse areas with a matching powder or eyebrow pencil (follow your natural brow shape). Use a clear brow gel to tame wild hairs.
2. Apply an eye shadow base or primer to keep your eye shadow in place throughout the night.
3.  Apply a matte taupe eye shadow from the lid of your eyelid to the crease (middle section of your lid). Add a shimmery light gold eye shadow on the entire section of your eyebrow bone. Lightly darken the outer corners of your eye with a dark brown shadow.
4. Apply your foundation and set it with loose powder.
5. Lightly apply a matte bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks. This will contour your cheekbones adding dimension to your face. Next, lightly dust a highlighting or illuminating powder on the top portion of your cheekbones. This will reflect light off your face giving you a natural glow.

Now you’re ready to ring in the New Year looking totally fabulous!

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– Rebekah A.

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