2014 Trends to End

28th Dec 2014 / By Guest Contributor

We are in the final days of 2014, which means it’s the perfect time to recap the last 12 months, reflect on the wins and the losses and plan for new beginnings. I love the ‘newness’ feeling that comes with a new year. Another brand new chapter to write, another opportunity to start over with a fresh start and a clean slate. Some things, however, just seem to stick around even 365 days later like the “last few pounds” and, of course, bad fashion. There are some trends that are just timeless like black and white or a pointy pump—and then there are some trends that should come with an expiration date. Take notes because here are  5 trends we need to end in 2015.

1. Crop top and skirt outfits (image above): I actually don’t mind a crop top with a nice bottom, it’s a quick fix and a great way to get creative and mix and match. However, it’s the repetition of it that’s becoming a problem. Browsing through fashion magazines and seeing nothing but the exact same outfit in different colors is an insult to the fashion industry. Unfortunately the crop top outfit trend blew up in 2014 and has exploded to the point of over saturation. We get it, you want to show off a little mid drift…just not every day and especially not on the red carpet. So in 2015, if you want to keep your crop tops and skirt outfits, please wear them separately.

2. See through leggings (image above): Look, I get it. You want to run errands and get a workout in without changing clothes. I love to run around in my workout gear on weekends but I also make sure they’re not showing more than I bargained for. Showing your lady lumps (and hopefully underwear) through your tights should be a thing of the past. In 2015 when you want to run around in comfortable leggings after your workout, make sure you check out Fabletics for some sheer-proof gear.

Trends To End 2014


3. Latex Clothing: This one should be an obvious one. No matter how good the sales associate says you look in a latex dress, please abort mission. In 2015 there is no reason why you should be wearing a trash bag to the club. Plus, that looks super sweaty and uncomfortable! JustFab has a fabulous selection of dresses for every occasion–and they’re latex free.

4. Feminine skirts with sporty sneakers: There comes a point in every girl’s life where she has to make a choice for fashion: Feminine or sporty? There is nothing wrong with either, but you have to make a choice. In 2014 you were misled by conflicting trends and didn’t know any better. Now you know there are some trends only Rihanna can pull off. Throwing on sneakers with a pencil skirt is just wrong in so many ways. In 2015 you can still wear midi skirts and be comfy, perhaps with some ballet flats or flat sandals instead.

5. Overlined lips: This one is a recent one, an end of year epidemic almost. Lip liner has taken over the makeup world and there are no signs of it slowing down. Girls are already wearing makeup too much and too soon, now they’re going to try and change their lips by overlining them to make them look a lot bigger? This is just another trend meant to make girls less accepting of themselves. Makeup is supposed to enhance your beauty not create a form of “beauty” standard set by celebrities and society. Your lips are fine, leave them alone.

Comment below & tell us what trends you want to end.

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