National Family Stories Month: Traditions

5th Nov 2014 / By Guest Contributor

November is National Family Stories Month and we think that traditions are very important in all friends and family groups. The world that we live in has tons of amazing cultures and traditions that we can all learn from and implement into our everyday family life. Check out this list of some of our favorite traditions.

1. Spending time with friends and family is great, but it’s important to express our love for one another and/or the life that we live. A great way to celebrate National Family Stories Month is by getting together and going around in a circle and saying exactly what you’re thankful for. This creates positive energy and great vibes into the atmosphere.

2. Looking back at old family photos is also a great way to bond with your loved ones and reminisce on events from the past. It’s always nice to remember where you came from & how far you’ve come.

3. Watching movies together is a tradition that a lot of families share. Enjoying some of your favorite flicks can start a tradition that can last for generations to come. A favorite movie that I’ve found a lot of families enjoy seeing together around the Holidays is “A Christmas Story.” It’s a great movie that typically both kids and adults enjoy.

4. For those sports lovers, playing and watching sports around the holidays are a common traditions. It’s the transition of football into basketball and it gives people a chance to share how they feel about the teams that they support.

5. Shopping is a huge tradition that a lot of people enjoy. With this tradition, you’re able to spend time with your loved ones and continue to build that bond that you already have together. You find a ton of deals during the holidays, so why not share them with the ones you love? Head over to our Holiday Glitz collection to shop fabulous styles this holiday season.

6. Baking during the holidays is a tradition that goes back many generations. Some groups of friends and family like to get together and bake cookies, cakes, pies, etc. Food is said to soothe the soul and that’s very important in creating those lasting traditions.

7. Crafts bring out a sense of creativity that can bring out the artist in even the least creative people. A tradition that can be started while doing crafts is to have each friend or family member make a variation of the same thing that shows off their personality.

During National Family Stories Month, when you’re with your friends and family enjoying some of the great traditions that you have in place, remember that the best tradition is being with the ones that you love.

What are some of your family traditions? Tell us in the comments below!

Gary B.

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