DIY: Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces

22nd Nov 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Are you in charge of hosting the biggest dinner party of the year? I’m talking THANKSGIVING festivities! To help prepare, here are 3 of our favorite DIY centerpieces that will help you set the scene (and the table) this year. You’ll save money and wow your guests at the same time. Isn’t that something to be thankful for?

Typography Pumpkin
Thanksgiving Decor

What you’ll need:
White pumpkin
Colored sharpie (I used black)
Damp paper towel

1.  Carefully wipe down your pumpkin using the damp paper towel, ensuring to remove any dirt.
2.  Using a pencil, gently write a letter, word or phrase of your choice.
3.  Finally, trace over the letters with the sharpie.

Golden Doily Pumpkin
DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece | JustFab Blog
What you’ll need:
Paper doily
Damp paper towel

1.  Using the wet paper towel, wipe down the pumpkin, ensuring to remove any dirt.
2.  Place the doilies against the pumpkin where you think they’d have a nice overlap (fold where necessary).
3.  Cut along the lines of the fold.
4.  Turn the doily over and coat completely with glue.
5.  Gently press the doily to the pumpkin where ever you’d like. Don’t be afraid to overlap!

Fall Leaves Pumpkin
DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece | JustFab Blog

What you’ll need:
Medium to large size pumpkin
White paint
Paint brush
Damp paper towel
Leaves or tissue paper cut into the shape of leaves

DIY: Thanksgiving Centerpiece

1. Wipe down your pumpkin with the paper towel to remove any dirt.
2. Using the paintbrush, cover the entire pumpkin in white paint.
3. Once the paint has dried, glue the leaves on the pumpkin and allow to dry. Tip: apply a thin layer of glue to the entire back portion of the leaf for a better bond.

Do you have any tips for creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece? Let us know in the comments below.

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