3 Ab Workouts to Prep for Thanksgiving!

15th Nov 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! It’s such a laid back day that involves 3 simple things: family time, delicious FOOD & most importantly, being thankful (for everything). However, devouring meal after meal can feel like a marathon, especially if your family is like mine & you start the festivities at noon! Everyone knows, you don’t enter a marathon without a little preparation, so here are 3 easy yet effective ab workouts to get your tummy on check before you indulge!

Tip: For the best results, start this routine ASAP & don’t wait until the night before Thanksgiving to prep! Super Important: don’t forget to slip into your Fabletics outfit to break a sweat in serious style!

Start on your back. With your arms by your side, lift your legs and shoulders off the ground using your core. Slowly lower keeping your shoulders and feet off the ground. Repeat. The goal of this exercise it get your legs straight and your arms by your ears. Do 20 reps.
Slim your tummy with this workout | JustFab Blog

Windshield Wipers
Lay on your back and lift your legs up at 90 degrees. Bend your legs and bring your arms out to the side for balance. Slowly bring your legs to one side without letting them touch the floor, bring them back through center and switch sides. Keep your lower back on the floor with your core engaged. Do 20 reps.
Try this windshield wiper workout for stronger abs. | JustFab Blog

Side plank crunch
Starting in plank, turn to one side lifting one arm in the air. Bring the top leg up and bring your elbow to your knee. Right arm will reach and the left leg will bend in, working your side oblique’s. Do 20 reps.
Ready for an ab workout? Try these side planks! | JustFab Blog

Fitness routines provided by: Alyssa N., Fabletics Influencer Relations Associate
Follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration: @herscription

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