Tips to Throwing a Fabulous Get-Together

11th Oct 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Today is national It’s My Party Day and we have compiled a list of fool-proof steps to throwing a fabulous party with your friends. Check out these tips to becoming an awesome party host:

  1. Pick a Theme – Pick a theme you think your guests will enjoy. A great way to come up with the perfect theme is to get inspired by the current season, color palates or what’s currently trending.
  2. Create a Guest List – Compile a list of your friends, family or peers you think would enjoy your party and would be interested in attending. You should also invite people who you know will get along together especially for smaller parties, where the guests have no escape from each other.
  3. Make a Statement – Get creative with your invitations & party decor. Really hone in on the  theme of your party and show off your creative skills.
  4. Plan the Menu – Everyone loves food and your guests will be looking forward to whatever yummy treats you decide to serve. Try to stick to the theme of the party and put together a simple menu of snacks and drinks you think your guests will enjoy. Be sure to plan ahead and estimate how long it will take you to prepare each item so that everything is ready prior to your guests arrival. If you are not a whiz in the kitchen and want to save time, your local market should have a ton of pre-made culinary delights your guests are sure to enjoy.
  5. Activities are Key – Keep your guest’s attention by planning some fun activities and/or games for everyone to participate in. If this will be the first time some of your guests are meeting each other you can play fun ice breaker games to get them to socialize and become comfortable with each other.
  6. Document the Festivities – Don’t forget to take lots of pictures so that you can share the fun moments with your guests afterwards. If you are social savvy, create a unique hashtag for your party that all of your guests use when sharing photos on Twitter or Instagram. After the party, you & your guests can pull your photos using the hashtag and share them with each other on your social networks.

In closing, Interior Designer Nathan Turner quotes, “Your job as the host is to make people feel comfortable and welcome. If you do that, people will have a great time.”

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