Raise Your Fall Flower Bloom IQ

27th Oct 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Chances are you’re either hosting or attending some kind of holiday soiree this season. And, whether it’s a swanky dinner party or an all-out feast, one thing’s certain: you should never be without a bevvy of blooms. Gifting your host with a beautiful bouquet or assembling your own colorful table arrangement is so much more sentimental when there’s a little meaning behind the stems of your choice, right? And, take it from us – knowing these simple facts can prompt some seriously awesome table convos, too!

We’ve partnered once again with the lovely ladies of LA’s urban botanicals to bring you the down-low on the meanings behind our favorite fall flowers.

Ready, set, get your green thumb on!

The meanings of fall flowers. | JustFab Blog

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