Flash a Smile for World Smile Day!

3rd Oct 2014 / By Guest Contributor

In honor of World Smile Day, we want to share a few tips on how to flash a gorgeous smile. Try something new this season, trust me – your luscious lips deserve to be coated with bold colors & daring trends. Check out these tips for a fun smile.

The color of the season is burgundy! It can be seen on shoes, bags, nail polish, well just about everything, which makes this vibrant hue a personal favorite for lipstick. Don’t be scared to use this pretty color on your lips. Start off with a warm plum tone if it’s out of your comfort zone and gradually move up to a darker, edgy hue.

Also, ombre lips are making a big statement this fall. Pick a color you feel comfortable with and follow the step-by-step tutorial below for sexy trendy lips.

Whether you like the pinks, neutrals, burgundies, or everything in between, make sure you always line your lips for easier application and nice smooth lines. For long lasting wear, put a tissue over your lips and lightly brush some translucent face powder over the tissue. Then re-apply a bit more of the lipstick and you’re golden!

Whatever hue you decide to rock on those pretty lips today, make sure to share a big SMILE with the world! It will surely brighten someone’s day.

-Ashley M.

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