DIY: 3 Fabulous Halloween Costumes

19th Oct 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Oh, October. The weather gets cooler, everything turns pumpkin flavored and we all start to panic about what to wear for Halloween. Figuring out the perfect costume for Halloween can be exhausting. Of course, there are specialty stores dedicated to selling ready-to-go costumes for Halloween. However, these costumes aren’t always budget friendly and you run the risk of someone else wearing the same costume as you to a party. Why have a Halloween fashion mishap when there are easy costumes you can make yourself? Not to worry, my fabulous fashionista! Here are 3 budget-friendly costumes using items you probably already have hanging in your closet.

1. Lovely Leopard
DIY: Fabulous Halloween Costumes

Animal print styles are a must-have in every wardrobe. Grab our Shara Shift Dress and Sirena shoes for the perfect leopard print combo. The Filigree clutch in champagne and the JF Stacked up Cuff are the perfect party accessories to add to this outfit! For Just about 5 dollars, you can get a kitty kit accessory kit that has ears, a tail, and a bow tie. Now you’re ready to “catwalk” all night.

2. Getting Witchy With It
DIY: Fabulous Halloween Costumes

The Witch is a classic Halloween costume. Luckily, A little black dress is a classic, too! The JF Loretta Bodycon and a pair of sexy over the knee boots, like Ketanya, are the perfect start for your Witchin’ outfit. A basic black outfit calls for some accessories that pop! A statement necklace like JF Shine Story will add some glam for your sexy Halloween costume. Go to your local discount store and grab a witch hat, small broom and cauldron for under 5 bucks for the finishing touches. You’ll be casting spells all night long with this sexy outfit!

3. Cute Cookie Creature
DIY: Fabulous Halloween Costumes

This costume is great for all you DIY divas! JF Brenda Fit and Flare dress and Chessene pumps are the perfect start to your cookie creation. Grab a cookie and the JF Weave Around bracelet for some sweet additions to your costume. Time to get crafty! Follow the steps below for some fuzzy finishing touches.

Cookie Crazy eyes
What You’ll need:
A plain head band
A blue feather boa
2 white styrofoam balls
Black rhinestones
A hot glue gun

1. Glue a small portion of the feather boa to the top of the headband.
2. Glue the 2 white styrofoam balls on top of the feather boa.
3. Glue the black rhinestones onto the styrofoam balls as pupils.
Note: Remember to not make the pupils in the exact same spot on each eye. The eyes should look like they’re crazy for cookies.

Fuzzy cookie lover top
What You’ll need:
A blue crop top
A blue feather boa
A hot glue gun

1. Hot Glue the feather boa to the crop top
2. Place this top over your dress. This is the best way to be able to re-use your dress instead of adding the fur directly to it.

Have a Happy Halloween!

– Joshaunic Scott

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