10 Tips to Travel Comfortably

22nd Oct 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Holiday season is here & many of us  plan to visit family and friends. Prepare for holiday travels with this list of 10 must-have items to travel comfortably!

1. Scarf: A great scarf is the perfect addition to your stylish travel look. To top it off, it’s super functional in case you get chilly.
2. Jeggings: Wearing workout pants to the airport is a fashion no-no. However, cheat the system & throw on a pair of The Perfect Jegging Knit.
3. Sweater: Wearing a cute sweater to snuggle up during your long flight is essential. Consider, the Carmen Sheer Back Cardigan for your next adventure!
4. Travel Pillow: They call it “beauty sleep” for a reason, spending an extra $10 bucks to purchase a travel pillow will surely be your greatest investment.
5. Headphones: Most airlines charge you a few bucks for cheap headphones. Bring your own to enjoy relaxing tunes & maybe a movie on the plane.
6. Warm Socks: During long flights, comfort is key. Bring a pair of extra socks in case your feet get cold.
7. A Chic Handbag: Carry a bag that is small in but can still manage to hold all your essentials. The Perceptive bag is perfect for travel as it’s light, functional & so on trend!
8. Earplugs: You’ll be happy you have these as back up! You never know if you’ll get a snoring neighbor, a nearby crying baby or that over talkative person that won’t leave you alone.
9. Sneakers: Do yourself a favor and leave the heels & cute flats for your vacation. During travel, I recommend a pair of sneakers! Of course, they still need to be cute & fashionable. The Salona sneakers are ideal.
10. Deodorant: For obvious reasons, no one likes a smelly passenger!

What are your tips to travel comfortably?

Happy & Safe Travels!

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