Pageant Beauty Secrets Revealed

14th Sep 2014 / By Guest Contributor

The 88th Miss America Pageant will be televised tonight! The Miss America Pageant is a scholarship pageant for college and graduate school women ages 17- 24. For the Pageant, the women are judged on talent, interview skills, fitness, poise and of course inner and outer beauty!

When I watch Miss America, it always makes me wonder what beauty secrets these queens use to look picture perfect at all times. I’m sure we have all heard of beauty queens using preparation H to reduce their under eye bags (which is a total beauty myth by the way). I wanted to know what secrets modern day beauty queens are keeping from the rest of us. I asked pageant beauties from all across the country to share their tips and tricks. Here are the top 10 noteworthy beauty queen tips and tricks that I wanted to share with you.

1. For a great shower body scrub, take a handful of ground coffee and a little oil of your choice. The caffeine will momentarily firm your skin, the grounds will exfoliate, and it’ll give you a slightly more tanned appearance.

2. After you finish your makeup, close your eyes and lightly mist hair spray over it as a setting spray. This trick will keep you looking fresh faced for hours.

3. When your mascara starts drying out in the tube, don’t toss it. Use it as a quick brow tamer.

4. For loose heatless curls, put your hair in a sock bun before bed. When you wake up and take the bun out, you will have gorgeous curls.

5. To whiten that beauty queen smile, rinse with equal parts of peroxide and water for 60 seconds after brushing at night. This beauty trick whitens your teeth in less than a week!

6. To ease the pain from standing in heels all night, use a band aid to tape your 3rd and 4th toe together. This helps relieve pressure on the ball of your foot.

7. Never sleep in your makeup! Coconut oil is a great makeup remover and also leaves a light layer of moisturizer on your face.

8. For voluminous lashes, dust your eyelashes with setting powder in between coats of mascara. The added fibers will help build volume.

9. Eye drops are great for calming the redness of your pimple. Take a Q-tip, put a few eye drops on one end, and apply it.

10. For long lasting lipstick, start with a layer of concealer as a primer. After your liner and lipstick, place a piece of facial tissue over your lips and dust over it with translucent setting powder.

There you have it! The insider secrets that beauty queens use are fab, quick and simple. I wonder what beauty tips we will see in action on tonight’s Miss America stage.

– Joshaunic Scott


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