What to Binge Watch on National Lazy Day

10th Aug 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Binge watching – you don’t need a national holiday to do this, but since today is officially Lazy Day, you can feel less ashamed when explaining to a friend that you watched TV for 10 hours straight on a Sunday. If you’re unfamiliar with binge watching, or unsure of where to start, here’s your guide below. (Opinions are my own. ☺)


My suggestion: 30 Rock
Where to watch: Netflix, iTunes, Hulu
Number of seasons: 7
Why: Tina Fey. Period. This hilarious Emmy-award winner will not disappoint you in this sitcom about an unlucky New Yorker (Tina) who leads an off-beat team on a fictional variety show.
Others to consider: Veep (HBO GO), Modern Family (ABC app, iTunes, Hulu), Parks & Recreation (Netflix, iTunes, Hulu)


My suggestion: House, M.D.
Where to watch: Netflix, iTunes
Number of seasons: 8
Why: Hugh Laurie aka Dr. House is a sarcastic, genius physician that solves mysterious ailments. He also hates his patients and isn’t afraid to show it. Plus, you will learn several medical facts!
Others to consider: Orange is the New Black (Netflix), Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix, iTunes, Hulu), Glee (Netflix, iTunes, Hulu), Entourage (HBO)


My suggestion: This one was hard to choose because there are so many amazing dramas, but I highly suggest House of Cards.
Where to watch: Netflix
Number of seasons: 2
Why: This political thriller is about a ruthless congressman (Kevin Spacey) and his wife (Robin Wright) that will do anything to conquer Washington D.C. The episodes go by quickly, and there’s rarely a dull moment. This show has 13 Emmy nominations for a reason!
Others to consider (a few are also Action): Breaking Bad (Netflix, iTunes, amctv.com), Mad Men (Netflix, iTunes, amctv.com), Game of Thrones (HBO GO), Suits (iTunes), The Walking Dead (Netflix, iTunes, amctv.com), True Detective (HBO GO)


My suggestion: Real Housewives of Orange County
Where to watch: Hulu, Bravo
Number of seasons: 9th is currently airing
Why: This is certainly a biased opinion. There are a countless number of entertaining reality shows out there, but I love RHOC because it’s the OG of the Real Housewives franchise, it’s based in SoCal, and every “housewife” has an entertaining personality. If you’re not into watching women acting sassy all day, check out my list below for more options.
Others to consider: Survivior (iTunes, Hulu), Undercover Boss (Netflix, iTunes, Hulu), Project Runway (iTunes, Hulu), My Strange Addiction (Netflix, iTunes)


My suggestion: The Mind of a Chef
Where to watch: Netflix, iTunes
Number of seasons: 2
Why: Anthony Bourdain features international celebrity chefs and explores their creative processes in the culinary world. I’m no foodie, but I was extremely intrigued by the way these chefs think. Also, they travel around the world to eat at famous restaurants and discover new ways to create. Yum!
Others to consider: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Netflix, iTunes), Ramsay’s Best Restaurant (Netflix, iTunes), Cake Boss (Netflix, iTunes)

What’s on your TV show bucket list? Let us know in the comments!

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