4 Most Fashionable Celebrity Besties

17th Aug 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Friendship is important for the mind, body and soul. There’s nothing like connecting with someone that’s not your direct family and being able to build a bond. You both are able to bring something to the table that will help you become better people. Aristotle was quoted in saying “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Check out some of our favorite celebrity besties below.


Kimora Lee Simmons & Tyra Banks

It’s certainly expected that both of these gorgeous super models would be best friends. They have many things in common such as modeling, fashion and being smart business women. They first met when they were both models for Chanel. That began a friendship that has lasted for many years. Kimora even made Tyra the godmother to her oldest daughter Ming Lee. It’s so amazing to know that the fashion industry has bought these two fashion moguls together. With fashion being a big part of their life we have some amazing styles that they would both look amazing in. Kimora would be stunning in anything but the Maryna pumps with geometric detailing has her name all over it. Being that diva that she is we would love to see Tyra rocking the JustFab Brize sandal, the textured snake panel design is so her style!


Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

Taylor and Selena first met when they both dated a pair of the Jonas brothers. Through the media we have seen their friendship flourish. They have had ups and downs just like any other friendship but they have not allowed that to stop them from remaining friends. Taylor was quoted saying this was the longest friendship that they both have had. Being that they both have very busy lives they always find time for each other.  Music is certainly a major thing that they both have in common and are totally in love with. Being the young, vibrant and beautiful young ladies that they are, it’s only logical for them to be on top of the latest fashion trends. We could totally see Selena rocking our beautiful Sheree booties with mesh detailing and Taylor in the super cute Federica pumps.


Salma Hayek & Penelope Cruz

These absolutely gorgeous besties have been friends since 1998 when Penelope was working on the movie Hi-Lo Country. Salma stepped in to get Penelope acclimated to being in the US. That began a friendship that has been more than unbreakable. They even have a cute nickname that they both call each other which is “huevos”. Just like teen girls at a sleepover, they would even sleep in the same bed and share a bond as if they were sisters born of the same parents. They have supported each other through all of the ups and downs that Hollywood has given them. They love each other and it’s all attributed to their acting career which is how they initially met. With very similar styles we can see Salma in the Neri sandal and Penelope in the Seleste sandal, both sexy and a lot of fun to wear.


Jessica Biel & Jennifer Garner

While filming the movie Valentine’s Day these 2 were able to get close. They enjoyed the fact that the film allowed them to work with each other. Normally they are each in roles with all men and never get a chance to build a bond with other women. They have many things in common as they both are married to other celebrities in the industry. They both love sharing in the moments that not only make them friends but also very much like family. These cute girl-next-door besties have chic style & they would both look perfect in the Phylicia pump with cutout detailing. This style defines them both as simple with a bit of a modern twist.

Who’s your favorite celebrity besties?



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