3 DIY Projects For Chic Home Decor

16th Jul 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Did you know? July is Anti-Boredom Month which means it’s more acceptable than ever to get out there and try tons of things new things! Why? To keep you from being bored, of course! Personally, even as packed as my work schedule can be during the week, and despite the fact that I often SWEAR I’ll spend every moment of my weekend sleeping and relaxing, on Saturdays I still find myself looking for fun projects that I can easily do from the comfort of my couch – that will simultaneously spruce up my living space (hence, chic home decor!) So, in honor of Anti-Boredom Month, I did a little research and found three totally unique, fun and easy DIY projects that I’m totally obsessed with, and look SO amazing, that I think you’ll love. Follow these simple steps below and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

1. Vintage Chalkboard Frames
There has never been a project that’s so equally easy and chic! You can find funky, baroque-inspired picture frames practically anywhere, from a craft store to your favorite vintage hideouts. Then, head to your local craft/home improvement store and pick up a can of Chalkboard paint (and, of course, some chalk!) Then, simply paint two coats on the glass of your picture frame and, once dry, hang it on your wall. Obsessed!

2. Driftwood Necklace Holder
Love the beach? The next time you’re there, scan the shoreline for some washed-up beach wood.  Trust me, the ocean’s “trash” is totally your treasure (just make sure it’s dried out!). Then, head to a craft store, flea market or vintage spot and pick up a bevy of mix ’n match door knobs – they’re super cheap and SO fabulous. Once home, simply drill a few holes into the wood, screw in the knobs and hang your most beautiful bling. Voila! A bohemian chic take on the classic jewelry case.

3. Fresh Flower Drink Stirrer
The perfect, girlie touch for summer soirees, this sweet detail will leave your friends raving (even if the cocktail itself falls flat!) Start by choosing your favorite flower (mine happens to be Ranunculus) and cut off the majority of the stem, leaving only a bit below the flower. Next, using thin gold thread and a wooden skewer stick, bind the flower and the stick with tightly wound thread (and, if necessary, add a dot of glue to seal the deal). All that’s left? Pour yourself a cocktail, place the flower stick in your glass and enjoy! So beautiful…and fragrant!


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