3 Beautiful Destination Spots in Canada

1st Jul 2014 / By Guest Contributor

On July 1st, 1867 Canada became its own single country. Citizens of Canada honor this day by having outdoor activities such as BBQ’s, festivals and carnivals. Canada is now 147 years old and has tons of heart throbbing sights and attractions. Consider your next trip to Canada and check out these wonderful vacation spots.

Canada Day

1. Montreal: The Montreal Botanical Gardens is a historic landmark that is the home of over 185 acres of about 25,000 species of flowers and trees. It is one of the most important botanical gardens in the world. It also hosted the 20km walk in the Summer Olympics of 1976. Come have a nice stroll in the beautiful gardens and enjoy the sweet floral aroma in the air.
Cost: $18.75 for adults, $9.50 for children between 5-17; additional: $12 for all day parking 

Canada Day!

2. Toronto: The St. Lawrence Market is a hot spot in Old Town Toronto that is known for their amazing food markets. The food markets have a vintage and antique look that is absolutely stunning. You can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses. It is known to be one of the best food markets in the world. Stop by and experience a delightful fresh bite.
Cost: Free admission

Canada Day!

3. Ottawa: The Rideau Canal is a waterway that is over 124 miles. Its name is French for curtain which describes the breath taking sight of the waterfalls creating a curtain effect. It played a major role with trade between Montreal, Kingston, and Ontario. The best part is that it turns into a large skating rink in the spring and summer season!
Cost: Free admission

Which location would you love to visit?

– Charne Ingram

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