DIY: Gorgeous Graduation Leis

2nd Jun 2014

With graduation ceremonies typically taking place in June, many people honor graduates with beautiful leis. To save a few bucks on the often costly tradition, congratulate the grads in your life with one (or both) of these beautiful homemade graduation leis.


Crepe Paper Lei
Crepe paper in rolls (party streamers), cut into six inch strips

1. Start sewing through the center of your crepe paper (from one end to the other). Be sure to pull the thread and bunch up the paper into a fan shape as you go along.
2. Repeat step two until you have an inch or more in length of bunched crepe paper, stop and twist it clockwise. Continue these steps until you reach the desired length of your lei.
3. When the entire length of the thread is covered with twisted crepe paper, connect each end and tie it in a knot.


Money Lei
Dollar bills
White paper

1. Cut the white paper down to the same size and shape as the dollar bills.
2. Fold the money and paper into accordion fans. Then, fold the money and paper in half.
3. Place a small piece of tape on opposite ends of each fanned out dollar bill. Connect the sides, creating a circular shape. Try not to place the tape too close to the center fold. Repeat this step with the paper.
4. String your dollar bills with ribbon, alternating between the accordion dollars and the accordion papers. When you are finished, tie the ends together.

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