7 Fab Essentials For National Pink Day!

23rd Jun 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Happy National Pink Day, ladies! From fuchsia and raspberry to bubble gum, today is all about finding fun, fresh ways to incorporate pink into your style, food, environment – whatever! Listen, I’m the first to admit that, at times, pink can definitely be a polarizing color; you either love it or you hate it. But today I’ve decided that, in honor of this hue–centered holiday, I’d zone in on a few of my favorite pink styles that are easy to wear year-round! Check out this list below:

Tibbie: Though she’s got quite a heel on her, Tibbie is such a flirty, feminine pump. She’s really a fresh update on the classic Mary Jane style that can easily transition from your office to a ladies’ night on the town!

Petunia: She may take a little getting used to but I’m seriously obsessed with this pretty printed sneaker. Florals are so fun this season and this is a great way to incorporate them into your look in a chill but chic way.

Yara: In raspberry, this festive sandal is an absolute must, from music festivals to weekend shopping excursions. The tassels are slightly bohemian, while the straps themselves keep the overall look simple and classic!

Emmey: I seriously die for this style! The fuchsia is so flirtatious and, combined with caged strapping and the top tie, so unexpected and edgy! I love her with skinny jeans and a printed blazer.

Provoke: Because this is a classic hobo style, it’s easy to get away with the Dragonfruit color. I love the subtle side-paneled stitching and not only does this bag hold everything, it goes with everything, too!

Pop Culture: If you don’t already own one, a statement necklace like Pop Culture is an absolute MUST for your summer wardrobe. Besides the fact that you can style her with anything from maxi dresses to high-collared shirts, I love how the watermelon stones contrast the glass – so chic and daring!

Gratify: For an unexpectedly playful twist on the classic clutch, this blush and white polka dot style is SPOT ON when it comes to  summer styling. From shorts to dresses, she’s exactly the punch of personality your look needs!

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