5 Beauty Essentials for Flights

18th Jun 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Summertime is here and many of us are planning to geta way for a much needed vacay. Before you stuff your carry-on, consider packing these beauty essentials with you for a quick refresher after your long flight!

  • Dry Shampoo – After a long flight, let’s face it, your locks look like a greasy mess. Thankfully ,a few sprays of dry shampoo will instantly make your hair look incredibly fresh.
  • BB cream – These creams are very popular because they are easy to apply, provide great covereage and do not clog your pores. For a quick face pick me up, apply a few drops under your eyes and face. Blend the cream in with your fingers.
  • Baby Wipes – This is a must have item if you want to avoid being the smelly girl! Use these wipes anywhere you like to take care of body odor.
  • Lotion – The air-conditioning & high elevation can make your skin feel extremely dry and rough skin is not cute! To avoid dry skin, buy a multi-purpose all over lotion to apply freely to your body and face.
  • Cheek and Lip Balm – Brighten up your face by using a cheek and lip color balm. You’ll thank me later!

Also, here are a few travel tricks for packing your beauty essentials:

  1. The secret to fit all your beauty essentials in one bag is to purchase travel size products. Usually drugstores have a wide selection.
  2. If you need to pack liquids, try the following: Use a plastic bag and cut it into 3 to 4 inch squares. Take the lid off your product, place the plastic square on the top, and place the lid back on your product. This is a great way to avoid leakage.


What beauty items do you plan to bring with you on your next flight?

– Claudia A.

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