3 Celeb Fashion Dares Gone Wrong!

1st Jun 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Happy National Dare Day! When it comes to celebrity dares, we watch in fascination, as starlets take their dares out on their fashion. We found 3 celebs that use their style and fashion to explore their identities and challenge rigid fashion boundaries. These celebs continue to push trends with innovative and creative fashion, but how far is too far?

Celebrity Fashion Dares

With so many performances, this celeb is bound to make a fashion misstep at least once during the week. We spotted Ke$ha in this jump suit that looks as if it was a home school project made out of colorful tissue paper and sexy fish net stockings.


Nikki Minaj was spotted on stage in 2011 at the Victoria Secret show wearing this ensemble. Even in a sea of gorgeous pink hair, here lies a major wardrobe miss with bright heart and star studded leggings mixed with striped gloves that bring us back to Beetlejuice days.

Katy Perry's Fashion Dare

This is the real Katy? It’s actually a wax figure of Katy Perry, but we can totally see her wearing this outrageous outfit during a performance on the red carpet!

What are your thoughts? If you saw these outfits in person, would you run for the hills, or commend them on their ridiculous fashion efforts?

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