22 Reasons Why We Love Channing!

12th Jun 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Dear Channing, thanks for giving us hope to believe our prince charming is out there! In honor of his new flick 22 Jump Street, here are 22 reasons why we can’t get enough of this sexy stud.

1. He’s incredibly charming, duh!
2. Did you watch Magic Mike? Need I say more? #drooling

3. He loves his pup and doesn’t mind a wet kiss.

4. Even when he has an ouchy he’s still dreamy (photo above).
5. He’s comfortable in hand cuffs and well, we’d love to use them on him (photo above)!
6. He does this thing were he clenches his jaw, and it’s so darn sexy!
7. He’s willing to break the law in the name of love.

8. He makes us want to “Channing All Over his Tatum”

9. He’s the sexiest man alive, hello!

10. He looks super cute in baseball cap, oh and we like his moves too!

11. We hate that he’s taken but we love how sweet he is with dream gal, Jenna. #HubbyMaterial

12. His surfboard abs are delicious!
13. He’s hilarious!

14. His MTV Trailblazer award speech was so sweet!
15. He’s great with kids, and he’s a loving father.
16. He owns his stripper skills!
17. He’s cute even when he has more to love. #fappy

18. He’s a sculptor, but get this his figures are of his wife! How sweet & artistic is that. #Cute
19. Channing always saves the day!

20. He’s known for being thoughtful and a total sweetheart.
21. He believes the key to a successful relationship is communication. Is he real? Let’s talk about.
22. He’s given us endless entertainment and reason to believe our dream boy does exist!

Are you in love with this hunk as much as we are?

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