Tequila 101 For This Cinco de Mayo

3rd May 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Tequila is one of the most recognized liquors worldwide but not many people know much about it. For this Cinco de Mayo, we prepared some interesting facts about Tequila, what flavors you can expect from each type (no, they don’t all taste the same!), and how to enjoy each to the fullest.

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Nowadays there are around 1,000 registered brands of Tequila, so discovering the differences between them can be interesting. This famous liquor was discovered by an ancient tribe located in what is now the state of Jalisco in Mexico. Different tribes in Mexico later recognized the different uses of the Agave plant that is used to make Tequila. After the Spanish colonization in Mexico, the conquistadores decided to distillate this beverage and realized that it could be commercialized.

Tequila Process
Currently there are 5 Mexican states in charge of the Tequila production: Nayarit, Jalisco, Tamaulipas, Michoacán, and Guanajuato. However, Jalisco is the main Tequila producer.

Tequila is made out of the blue Waber Agave, which is cooked in order to transform starches into sugars. The next stage is fermentation were the alcohol begins to appear and yeast will be introduced. After passing through 2 distillations Tequila will be ready to drink.

Types of Tequila

Tequila Blanco – Is made of pure agave with a clear color. Agave is present with a sweet taste and a subtle scents of citrus. Enjoy tequila blanco on a hot day with a piece of lime.

Tequila Gold – Flavor and color are added to make this tequila extra bold. This is a young adulterated drink with a floral and buttery aroma. The hints of vanilla and caramel are delightful.

Tequila Reposado – This is a rested and aged Tequila that has been stored anywhere from 2 – 11 months on wood. The color is slightly gold with tints of green and the flavor has a taste of wood. Surprisingly the scent has gentle touches of plum. To spice this tequila up enjoy it with a classic pico de gallo!

Tequila Añejo (extra aged) – This tequila typically ages for about 1 year. It’s stored in small wood barrels which creates it’s pale golden yellow hue. The aroma is similar to an orange peel with a light touch of hazelnut. In order to absorb the smooth and sweet taste of this tequila to the max, be sure to sip it slowly!

Tequila Extra Añejo (ultra aged) – This Tequila is aged at least 3 years. The color is a considered a pale amber. It possesses a rich and smooth flavor. You will be able to smell honey and oak from this ultra-aged liquor. This is the most expensive and elegant tequila, enjoy it for a special toast or occasion.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, have fun tasting all the different types of tequila!

– Claudia A.

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