National Humor Month: 6 Funny Leading Ladies

4th Apr 2014 / By Guest Contributor

As we celebrate National Humor Month we find it to be very important to recognize some of the funniest leading ladies in the industry. We want to recognize all they have done as the funny women that we know. As Tina Fey says, “You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at.” Enjoy our list and check out some of these women for yourself.

Most well known for her quirky comedy, Amy Poehler has surely made her mark in the entertainment world as one of the funniest leading ladies around. With many roles on shows and movies such as Saturday Night Live, Blades of Glory and Arrested Development. Amy really hit it big with the amazingly funny show Parks and Recreation, which has lead her to many Emmy nominations not only as an actress but also a writer and producer.

Beginning her career in stand up only because of a dare from her brother, Mo’Nique soon began appearing on shows such as It’s Showtime at the Apollo, Def Comedy Jam and many more. Mo’Nique is quite genius with her comedy taking pride in her size as a full figured woman. She has been featured in many shows and movies, both funny and serious. She’s a versatile actress with tons of experience. Even though not a comedy Mo’Nique landed a role in the feature film Precious, which earned her an Academy Award and made her a diversified actress with comedy roots.

With a similar start like her good friend Amy Poehler, funny woman Tina Fey is more than a comedian. She’s also an actress, writer and producer. After her break through on Saturday Night Live in 1995 Tina went on to create the funny drama 30 Rock. The show lead to tons of awards such as Emmy’s, Golden Globes and a PGA Award for Television Producer of the Year. Known for her hilarious antics, Tina Fey is the complete comedy package.

Funny Women

Upon graduation from college in 2001 and after a few years of working as a production assistant, the oh so comical Mindy Kaling and her college roommate created a satirical play about both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. While performing, Greg Daniels from the American version of the hit show The Office was working on filling the writer’s staff for the show and hired Kaling as a part of his writing staff which lead to her character on the show.  Kaling went on to appear in The 40 Year-Old-Virgin and also Curb your Enthusiasm just to name a few. Finishing up her career on The Office after the 8th season Kaling went on to star in, executive produce and co-write The Mindy Project, which is a hilarious comedy based on her mother who’s an OB/GYN. Kaling is surely a person to watch in the entertainment world as she still has a lot to offer.

Originally born in Barranquilla, Colombia Sofia Vergara actually started out her acting career as a television personality in the 1990s. She went on to become a film actress in the 2002 film Big Trouble and 2003’s Chasing Papi. In 2009, Vergara debuted on Broadway and also played in two Tyler Perry films. Her comedic fame really hit the ground running when she began playing the sexy Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC’s Modern Family. Being an instant hit the show earned Vergara tons of Emmy’s and also led her into other phenomenal features. According to her website she’s considered “one of the most talented and powerful women in Hispanic entertainment” by Billboard magazine.

Starting her comedic career in a plethora of supporting roles. Zooey Deschanel’s the definition of an actor’s hustle. Her starting role was on the Kirstie Alley sitcom Veronica’s Closet in 1998. A lot of her experience was developed through her roles in many Independent films. With a few small roles in featured films prior to 2011, Zooey conquered the small screen with the quirky-comedy New Girl that she received an Emmy nomination for that has given her the comedic staying power that she definitely deserves.

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