How to Host a Fabulous Garden Party

12th Apr 2014 / By Guest Contributor

It’s officially party season, and between graduations, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, you’re bound to play hostess at some point. Welcoming the season with a garden party is the perfect way to celebrate all of these festivities. With a little preparation, you can save yourself the headache. I’ve created a go-to guide to help make your party a success & stress free!

Garden Party Attire
The proper party outfit should be dressy casual. Pretty floral tops, flowy skirts and dresses are perfect for outdoor festivities. The Audrey Party Dress is a great option to wear at your event. Pair your outfit with pretty flats or sandals. Your accessories should be small adornments that complement your outfit.

The perfect garden party outfit | JustFab Blog

Party-Ready Finger Foods
>Get your party started with easy and delicious finger foods. Appetizers, snacks, and bite-size sweets are easy to make and fun to enjoy while mingling with guests. A delicious snack to be served is bite-sized garden sliders. These mini creations combine a hearty bean spread with slices of grilled squash for a satisfying yet filling bite. Your menu would not be complete without a few sweets! Cake pops or pastel macarons are delicious options for your guests to enjoy.

At your garden party make sure your signature cocktail is bright and colorful. Try a twist on the classic mimosa with sparkling grapefruit cocktails or a refreshing strawberry lemon sangria. Always have chilled ice water on hand; add some flair by filling pitchers with any combination of lemon, strawberries, cucumber slices and mint.

Classic mimosa:

      • ¾ cup champagne
      • ¼ cup orange juice
      • Mix three parts of your favorite sparkling white to one part of your favorite orange juice. Enjoy!

Fresh flowers such as Tulips, Daffodils, Lilacs represent all that we think about in spring; intoxicating the air with lovely perfume. They add a whimsical touch to your party’s atmosphere as well as set the mood. Put flowers into empty glass jars/bottles and set them up on your tables-cape.

Light pastel colors always work for spring—think lavender, yellow, pink, sage green and turquoise. Use vintage print table cloths and pastel pom poms for playful decor/color.

Music is essential. Arrange wireless speakers around your space to assure an even level of listening. Garden parties call for soft background music, pick a mellow instrumental playlist off of Pandora.

Party Favors
Party Favors are a sweet gesture to make sure your guests don’t leave empty handed. DIY infused sugars via sugar and charm are ideal for any spring or summer soiree. They’re versatile and can be customized with ingredients like vanilla beans, espresso beans or even exotic fruits. Stick to something simple and fun!

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– Alex N.

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