How To Build The Ultimate Fashion DIY Toolkit

8th Mar 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Happy National Craft Month, DIY lovers! If you enjoy crafts as much as I do, keeping several handy tools always on hand for DIY projects is an essential part of crafting. There’s nothing I dislike more than realizing I’m missing a few embellishments to complete my project and having to run to the store last minute. To avoid finding yourself in this pickle, stock up on these 10 must-have tools for the ultimate fashion DIY toolkit.

DIY Fashion Toolkit by JustFab

  1. Glue: Crafts glue is essential for mounting photos, repairs, adding gems to your project and much more! For a strong bond, my go to glue is E6000. This industrial glue is perfect for adding a little glam to your sunglasses, phone case, clothes, and more. Check out my favorite spring project here: Adorn Your Shades.
  2. Scissors: Scissors come in handy for just about any project! Sometimes, spending a few extra dollars to get a sharp blade is best. When trimming material or cardstock, you want a smooth and easy cut.
  3. Paint: Acrylic paint can transform any boring item to a new vibrant masterpiece! Storing a few of your favorite colors will assist you when you’re feeling creative. My favorite colors for acrylic paint are hot pink and chalkboard green. For a fun project, try DIY: Cat Face Flats.
  4. Cardstock: I recommend having a few different shades and patterns of cardstock available. Cardstock is useful for personalized cards, adding extra colors to frames, scrapbooking and so much more.
  5. Measuring Tape: This is necessary for taking measurements of material. If you are planning to make a new top, skirt or even headband, measuring tape will be a life saver. Many DIY fashionistas consider this tool as an essential!
  6. Paintbrushes: As I mentioned before, acrylic paint is a must in your fashion toolkit, which means you’ll need brushes, too! Softer brushes are better to avoid thick streaks on your project.
  7. Sewing kit: This is necessary to remake an old dress with ribbon, buttons, and anything else to make it extra glam! Your sewing kit should include a small needle, thread and buttons.
  8. Toolbox: If you’re looking to build a shoe rack, or any project for your home, a few set a tools will come a long way. Having the basic essentials such as a hammer and screwdriver is key.
  9. Embellishments: If you’re like me, every project needs a little sparkle! Having a few sets of gems, such as rhinestones, beads, stickers and studs, can take your DIY project to a whole new level. Ribbon in lace material or bold patterns are also great embellishments. For a fab project, add a little glam to your slippers.
  10. Tweezers: When handling small gems, tweezers are perfect for proper placement. I highly recommend having a pair specifically for crafts as you can get glue, glitter and other supplies on them.

Now that you have everything you need for your fashion DIY toolkit, tell me in the comments below what DIY project you’re working on this month.

Rosemary C.

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