A Fab Girl’s Guide to the 2014 Winter Olympics

7th Feb 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Opening ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games kick off this week. The games are an international sporting event that occur once every four years and are hosted at a new location each time. Participating countries compete and showcase their most talented athletes in order to win the coveted Olympic gold medal. We’ve created this fab guide to cover the 5 W’s on exactly what you need to know to enjoy this year’s Winter Olympics.

Who: Team USA will travel to Sochi in Russia for three weeks to compete in fifteen winter activities, with various games under each.

What: Here is a breakdown of the most popular and interesting games you may want to tune into.

Alpine skiing consists of ten events, with five games for men and five for women. The five game courses include the downhill, slalom, giant slalom, super giant, and super combination. The course will require athletes to race down a hill, weave through marked flags, or a combination of the two. Be sure to look out for skier, Ted Ligety, who hopes to add another Olympic gold medal to his name.

Bobsleigh is made up of three events, two games for men and one for the women. For each event, two or four will compete in a total of four runs, and their overall time needs to be the lowest in order to win. Lola Jones, who is part of the women’s bobsled team, will make history this year as an athlete to compete in both the summer and winter Olympic Games.

Snowboarding consists of ten events, with five games for men and five for women. They include the halfpipe, parallel giant slalom, snowboard cross, slopestyle, and parallel slalom. Similar to the skiing events, snowboarders will race down slopes and/or endure obstacles, as well as show off their abilities. If you know avid snowboarders, they definitely know Shaun White, keep an eye out for his iconic red hair, and see if he can take home another gold medal.

Figure Skating is the first  event to be added to Winter Olympic itinerary. This year Team USA wishes to redeem themselves from the 2010 Winter Olympics, where they were unable to place in the individual women’s event. Women’s figure skater, Gracie Gold, is determined to prevent that from occurring again.

There might be a couple games that may not appear on everyone’s radar, like curling and ski jumping. The best way to grasp the concept of curling is by comparing the game to golf. Golf balls are replaced by a forty pound stone, the golf club for a broom, and it all happens on ice. As for ski jumping, it’s just like it sounds. For the first time ever women will get to take their skis to the slope and compete in the individual normal hill competition.

Wear: Now, what is a fab girl’s guide without talking about fashion and clothing! You better believe these incredibly talented athletes will be sporting the most stylish and innovative designs.

For the opening and closing ceremonies, Team USA will sport outfits designed by Ralph Lauren. This year their outfits will embody America figuratively and literally being that everything was produced, spun, dyed, and assembled all throughout the US. As a result, those competing will have a piece of America with them to hopefully help bring home a win.

There are several companies involved in the preparation for Team USA’s game day outfits, like Spyder Active Sports, Inc. for alpine skiing and Nike for hockey and the medal stands. As for the bobsleigh team and speed skaters, Under Armor teamed up with engineers to analyze air flow around a body in order to create a uniform that will make competitors more aerodynamic. Other uniforms to look out for are the beautiful figure skaters, gliding on ice like an acrobatic fashion show.

When: February 7th-23rd

Why: Well, what good is any guide without focusing on inspirational athletes? So in the words of the handsome Channing Tatum (and William Shakespeare) “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Therefore, not only will you get to show off your new-found knowledge during the Winter Olympics, but by tuning in, you will witness incredible athletic feats and new world records that people will be talking about for generations to come.

What’s your favorite Winter Olympics Event?

-Rachel Legacion, Social Media Intern


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