6 Fab Ways to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

12th Feb 2014 / By Guest Contributor

Are you single and ready to get Valentine’s Day over with? Not so fast, you can celebrate yourself, as well as the love you have for friends and family. There are conflicting dates for Singles Awareness Day, February 13th or 15th, so, we’re encouraging you to celebrate the entire week! Read on for a complete list of ways you make the most of this week of self-love.

  1. Party! What better way to celebrate than with a soiree?! Round up your single pals, a few bottles of champagne and great music. Encourage your friends to invite their single friends; it’s a great way to meet new people. You can make it a themed party, costumes are always fun. If you want to make it an interesting night, why not make it a speed dating party? This will definitely require your friends to extend invites to their network of single friends.
  2. Dine in or out! You know that fabulous restaurant you’ve been meaning to try? Well, now is the perfect time. Treat yourself to a delicious meal. There are perks to dining solo: besides connecting with yourself and really enjoying a meal without any distractions, you’ll be on your own schedule, you can people watch and observe what they’re ordering (hey, you may be inspired to try something new), and you can chat as much or as little as you’d like, with the staff or other patrons. If you’d rather stay in, fire up the stove and make your own meal. Try out that Pinterest recipe you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Grab your favorite bottle of wine or make your favorite cocktail and enjoy yourself.
  3. Get away! There are so many amazing sights to see. Grab your overnight bag and visit an interesting town nearby or look for last minute travel deals online. A solo journey promises excitement, adventure, and discovery. You’ll have time to reflect, relax and reconnect with yourself, all at your desired pace.
  4. Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? Relieve stress and soothe any aches with a massage, mani/pedi, facial and more. A day of pampering is good for you physically and emotionally, when you feel great, you look it! You can bring your e-reader along, or pick up your favorite magazines at a local bookstore.
  5. Keep your mind sharp! The best way to do so is by learning something new. Take up a dance class, learn how to play an instrument, or learn how to build a website. Look for online workshops to improve your excel skills, learn photography or Photoshop basics. You can also take a class at a community college or center, get out there and learn something you’ve always wanted to master.
  6. This list would not be complete without…shopping! Whatever it is, you deserve it. Whether it’s a piece of fine jewelry (yes, diamonds!) or a bold, new lipstick, buying yourself a little something is an easy way to boost your mood. It doesn’t matter how much you spend, what’s important is doing something for yourself.

How do you show appreciation for yourself?

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