6 Soothing Tea Remedies for Common Ailments

5th Jan 2014 / By Guest Contributor

It’s the first month of the new year. A time to focus on new beginnings, goals and health. It also happens to be National Hot Tea Month. What better time to celebrate than during this time of extremely cold temperatures? The drop in temperature can do a number on your body, which is why I’ve rounded up soothing tea remedies to alleviate and prevent common winter ailments. From cold prevention to beauty boosters, give these hot teas a try. 

Green & White Tea: Both come from the same tea plant, only difference is white tea is harvested much sooner than green tea, and green tea is slightly fermented. Both are extremely rich in antioxidants.

Antibacterial and antiviral: Antioxidants will protect against the common cold and flu.
Healthy Heart
Promotes weight loss

Black Tea: Comes from the same Camellia Sinesis tea plant as green and white tea. Black tea is processed differently and is said to contain the most caffeine of all teas but has incredible benefits.

Boosts Immune System
Digestive Tract Health
Oral Health
Increases Energy
Relieves Stress

Chamomile Tea is one of the most popular teas, proven to help calm and soothe. There is certainly more to this tea than meets the eye. Chamomile is an herb can also be used for culinary purposes as well.

Calms anxiety and promotes sleep
Treats stomach aches, nausea
Soothes sore throat, just add honey
Use on skin to help with irritation

Lemon & Ginger Tea is flavorful and energizing. It helps soothe common ailments and promotes healthy skin and hair thanks to it’s high vitamin A and C contents.

Soothes Headaches & Inflammation
Boosts energy
Prevents nausea
Skin and hair benefits

Peppermint Tea is actually an infusion of peppermint, mentha piperita. Meaning it’s a mix of water-mint and spearmint. Peppermint is naturally caffeine free, and does wonders for your body. It’s a natural decongestant

Soothes sore throat and clears sinuses
Stress Relief
Weight Loss, acts as an appetite suppressant
Promotes Skin Health

Yerba Mate Tea hails from South America and stimulates your central nervous system. It’s rich in vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, just to name a few. For those looking to add an extra boost of energy Yerba Mate Tea is definitely for you.

Promotes Concentration
Reduces stress
Immune System boosting
Increases Physical Endurance
Helps Maintain Weight

With all of the amazing benefits of these great teas, which one do you want to try first?

Gary B.

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